[AUG 2020] Comment for Promotion!


Think you deserve a promotion for your work in August 2020? Comment below! 

Discord Tag: 

CPR name: 

Current Rank: 

Activity level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!): 

Why do you deserve a promotion?

16 Responses

  1. Discord: Henry_VI#9519CPR name: HenryVIIXCurrent Rank: Brigadier GeneralActivity Level: 8-9 ishReason: because im 10/10 awesome and ive been getting better at managing my irl and acp time so yay

  2. Discord Tag: Daniel20448#2105CPR name: Daniel20448Current Rank: Brigadier GeneralActivity Level: 10I believe I deserve a promotion because I've been very active throughout the whole month of august, attending pretty much every event as well as trying my best to welcome and interact with the troops. I've probably not been very good on the recruiting side, but I still try my best, improving week by week!

  3. Discord Tag: Sanya#6779CPR name: Sanya7Current Rank: Major GeneralActivity level 10Reason: I believe i have done alot of work including attending events being active in main chat and being able to recruit pretty well and welcoming new recruits pretty well and I've been working in alot of aspects in ACP such as hosting alot of Game nights and Movie nights for the community and writing fun satire posts! and i believe i deserve a promotion for all the work i did throughout the month of august!

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  6. Discord Tag: Carmelo2013��#0160CPR name: Carmelo3Current Rank: Major Activity level 7/10Reason: Me being an Acp vet, it's so nice to how everyone gets exited for the events. I am so happy that I decided to come out of retirement this year to return to the one true army that will always be my home.

  7. Discord: Keynikki#4386CPR Name: KeynikkiCurrent rank: MajorActivity: 8ish / 10Reason: Honestly, not sure. I've been trying to juggle ACP with my home situation and at times I just don't feel like going to events because of mental health. But above all that, I try my best to go to all the events I can. I'm learning how to discord recruit and I try to make RF events when I can. Now I need to juggle school and ACP but that's fine this is fine everything is fine

  8. Discord Tag: Pungu#8374CPR name: PungenguinCurrent Rank: First Lieutenant Activity level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!): 9!Why do you deserve a promotion? I deserve a promotion because of my hard work last month. I worked hard to defend freedom, and preserve justice. I also came to many events, and didn't give up in ACPTR when I essentially had to lead on my own. I've been active in chat and love ACP!

  9. Discord Tag: MazeX121#8255CPR name: IMCHUNGUSCurrent Rank: CaptainActivity level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!): 8 1/2Why do you deserve a promotion? Because I have matured since my ban, I haven't attended many events for the past week because I took a break but at the beginning of august, i attended many events and i plan to attend even more.

  10. Discord Tag: Hollow ACP#6969CPR name: Hollow 223Current Rank: Brigadier GeneralActivity level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!): 8 or 9 I think i deserve a promotion because: I have been trying my best to always get the proper amount of recruits and being active in the chat at the same time. (And attending events of course).

  11. Discord Tag: COOLHANDSULLY#3398CPR Name: coolhansulyCurrent Rank: Major GeneralActivity Level: 10Why do you deserve a promotion? I am extremely active, and I have been balancing ACP with school very well. I am consistent with recruiting and I work hard for ACP. I welcome recruits, I hype events, and I attend every event possible. I have shown hard work and dedication to ACP.

  12. Discord Tag: shortwizard#7117CPR name: Lily250Current Rank: ColonelActivity level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!): Probably about a 7 verging on an 8Why do you deserve a promotion? I have been active in the community nearly every single week since I joined, and am very keen to do some more recruiting and look forward to seeing where new recruits end up. Additionally, the people in ACP have been nothing but kind when I've had struggles, and I'd love to take on more responsibility and do my best for them.

  13. Discord Tag: FatChicken88#6885CPR name: FatChicken99Current Rank: Brigadier General/7icActivity level (from a scale of 1 to 10 – be honest!): 9ish (im on all day)Why do you deserve a promotion?I feel like this month I have managed to step up in the various areas (game nights, mod leading during battles, pre-battle/event preparation, as well as hitting my mins constantly throughout the month. I have also assisted in hosting multiple Recruiting Force events throughout the month. Along with this I have attended around 95%ish of events this month.

  14. Dickcord tag: deathdrugsandcyanide#2702Cpurr name: dannyboiii11?ronk: mojoractivitoy leveool: well when im not in the hospital 9woy? I'm super awesome and I've been in acp my whole life. i'm overly devoted to acp and im like just that cool

  15. Discord tag: Mr.MythCPR Name: Colin0716 or Triple CCurrent rank: Corporal Activity Level: 6ish, on the brink of 7Why I think I deserve a promotion: I've been really active since I joined, attending every event I can make it too, and even attending one's that I'm late to, cause I'm rushing home. I try my best at events to get in formation as fast as I can, and do as many tactics I can (even though I'm on mobile)

  16. discord tag: bubbles1251#0622cpr name: Bubbles1251current rank: first lieutenantactivity level: 7 ish igwhy do you deserve a promotion?: The reason why I deserve a promotion is due to me leaving and rejoining ACP server many times, trying to beat chek's, koloway's and rock's record. i go to events during class and im on chat.¯\\_(ツ)_/¯

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