[AUG 2020] Troop of the Month!

Salute the land of golden clovers!

Welcome back to Troop of the Month – the only column CSY can be trusted to do on a schedule. It’s been a sluggish month with everyone gearing back to school – but it doesn’t mean we don’t salute those that have been on the grind! This month’s TOTM has, since joining, become a staple of the ACP community – and so without further ado, I’m proud to congratulate…

What qualifies for TOTM? 

– Activity in ACP chat 

– Activity in attending events 

– Involved in the ACP community 

– Has taken initiative in certain areas

This month, Pungu has been nominated as TOTM for his activity – as an incredibly active troop in main chat, he’s hit a total of 31 events in his first month in – joining ACPTR and graduating as an A+ graduate, joining ACPRF to help ACP grow, taking initiative in many areas, such as welcoming and chatting with troops, creating his own ACP conspiracy

We have withheld food from Pungu until he agreed to take this interview here today with an exclusive interview!

Interview with Pungu

For those unacquainted, can you introduce yourself to the troops of ACP? What does your name mean?

Hi there ACP! I’m Pungu, the local Sonic fan who has too much Sonic knowledge (I’ve probably annoyed you in VC with the Sonic 3 OST). 

My name is a cool story, actually! It gives me a chance to mention one of best internet friendb and mentor figure of sorts, Interdimensional Demon, in the Pungorigin story. Basically I was uncreative and called myself Pingu, (terrifying, I know) and then, he started calling me Pungu as a nickname! After that, Pungu really started developing as less of a Nickname and more of his own character. 

That’s all! Don’t call me Pingu, it reminds me of days where I said “XD” unironically.

How did you find out about the ACP and how long have you been here? Any previous experience with armies? 

I found out about ACP through the Instagram! I was talking to the guy who ran it (Skipper, as it turned out) and he did his job well, by plugging the invite. 

But that isn’t my first time seeing Armies around, actually! I have the exact moment I learnt of Armies screenshotted.

I joined PZF but immediately ended up leaving, and a few weeks later, ACP.

Now, I wouldn’t consider leaving ACP.. probably ever? It feels like my home!

(interviewer’s note: I see you Light…. E7)

Why do you think you were voted Troop of the Month? 

I feel I was voted because I’ve worked my hardest this month, and made a very good impression of myself. I’ve worked hard to help the moderator team protect ACP for one. I’ve also attended many events, been friends with Hcom, and other cool stuff like that.

Also I’m Pungu and SUPER cool :sunglasses:who wouldn’t give me it

What is your favorite memory in the ACP?

I haven’t been here for long, so it’s hard to pick, but I do have one, and it’s from my time in the ACPTR. (sign up for the October one, btw!)

I had to solo lead. I was directing Max. MAX. My first taste in leading! It was because no one showed up to the Ausia internal Practise Battle, except people who were already graduated. At first I was nervous, but with Max’s reassurance and everything I’d learnt so far, I managed to pull through, and as a team of 2, VS the A Grads who had 6, I think we did well!

Also this screenshot, from the PB we did against AOS warms my heart and will stick with me for a very long time

I have been acquainted with your work with the Mondo conspiracy: Do you believe it functions under parallel universes, or does Mondo have some sort of a time turner, or do you just suspect that he doesn’t sleep?

The Case of The Bunnyduck is an interesting one. Is he dangerous? Passive? No one knows. We just know that our King Mondo has strong connections :wary~2:. (below is the graph we use). I suspect it’s something to do parallel universes, yes, but it seems as though Kermit the Frog is involved, too (Second attached image.)

Is it “water” or “wa-er”?

For fear of my safety it’s wa-er

It is said that you bribed CSY for TOTM. Do you have any response to these allegations?

FALSE!! I wouldn’t bribe anyone for anything.. it’s true! :warygif:

(interviewers note: so here’s my bank account details… I await the transfer within 7 working days :))

Whats your daily workout schedule like to get that penguin body?

I- you’re going to be shocked!

I don’t have one. I’m just naturally like that.

Or it’s a costume. Perhaps this is a Mondo Conspiracy in itself?

Any final words you want to say to the penguins of ACP?

I love you all! You’ve all made me feel so at home in the last month!

Keep up the hard work, don’t be discourage by anyone who’s name begins with S and rhymes with Poo,

Watch out for Bunnyduck and Kermit the Frog,

and of course! This goes without saying:

Defend Freedom, Preserve Justice!

I’m going to shout out some specific people now who’ve helped me to get to this point:

Hollow – Hollungu real :redface~2:

(interviewer’s note: um this is an army, not tinder :ghost:)

DOINK – Such a cool friend

Fat Chicken – Kept me motivated and going and educated me on ACP History

Max, and all of Hcom – For being an amazing Hcom

Flipmoo –  

CSY – Awesome leader and Dad < – (that’s a story in itself)

And now for some Non ACP people who need to be recognised.

Janitoad – Kept listening to me talk about ACP despite knowing nothing about it

Peter – Awesome friend 

Aeris – One day, I’ll be able to log a recruit that took over a month thanks to her

I think that’s all! Have a great CSY, and everyone in ACP!

And with that, we end today’s interview with Pungu! Congratulations once again – and good luck everyone, because YOU could be next week’s special guest on TOTM!
ACP leader

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  2. EPIC TYSM- Pungu ❤


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