Club Penguin Rewritten Update 28/08/20: New Pin + Field Op


Hey there ACP Shamrock Bulletin people,

The CPR Water Party is over but they added a couple of things to the Pet Shop, a Banana Pin, and a new Field Ops.

The pin can be found at the Pet Shop here:


The Field Ops can also be found in the Pet Shop, but first head over to the EPF Headquarters through the EPF Phone at the bottom left of your screen. If you aren’t in the EPF yet check out this post to find out how to join.

Once there, head over to the Field Ops computer then accept the Field Ops.

Now head back to the Pet Shop and stand at this very position:

Open your EPF Phone to begin the minigame.
The Field Ops minigame is simple, charge up all 4 of the batteries surrounding the map without being electrocuted by any of the red zapping things which will decrease the amount of power you are carrying (the green bar on your charging pod). Also, be wary of this green bar that is on your charging pod, if it runs out you will fail the mission. To recharge it head over to the charging bay that you began on. There is also one battery that requires a key, this key can be found somewhere on the map in the form of an orange circle with a key inside it.


Charging Bay

Once all batteries are charged the mission will end and you will be awarded medals that can be used to purchase Elite Gear.

Thank you for reading and I hope it helped 

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  3. Very Helpful Chicken!

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