[JULY 2020] Troop of the Month!

Hello Shamrock Bullet-ors!

Welcome back to this month’s TOTM, this time making its first debut under ACP’s own newsletter – the Shamrock Bulletin! It’s been a good month for ACP, hitting 2nd on the TT and maintaining top 3 ūüėÄ – and so we once again celebrate the members that have made all of this possible. In particular, one member has stood out for his work – and I’m proud to announce July’s TOTM:
What qualifies for TOTM? 
РActivity in ACP chat 
РActivity in attending events 
РInvolved in the ACP community 
– Has taken initiative in certain areas

This month, Daniel has been chosen as the TOTM for his involvement in the community Рbe it through attending events, recruiting new members, chatting with troops Рin both English and Spanish, and welcoming new members to the ACP. Becoming an A+ graduate in the month of July too, Daniel is also an exemplary soldier on and off the battlefield. In recognition of his efforts, he was also recently promoted to moderator. 

Here’s an exclusive interview for everyone to get to know Daniel better!
Interview with Daniel20448
CSY: Hi Daniel, can you quickly introduce yourself to the troops of ACP?

Daniel: Hi! My name is Daniel, also known as Daniel20448! I’m from Costa Rica, and I am very passionate about history (WW1 history to be specific)! I’ve been playing videogames since very young, so they’re my life basically xD. Outside of videogames I love to play soccer and volleyball!
CSY: How did you find out about the ACP? How long have you been here? Any previous experience with armies?
Daniel: I found about ACP in my other army! My ex-army main cpps was Penguin Saloon, and when ACP joined PSAL (the Penguin Saloon Army League) I remember being completely amazed by the server size lol. After this, we decided to ally with ACP! One day, because I was super bored, I decided to come over to the ACP spanish chat, where I met Yeti (shoutout to him for being super kind and also congrats on your promo to 4ic, super well deserved!) We talked for a bit, and right there I just fell in love with ACP. When I left Silver Empire, I had no other home, then I remembered about Yeti and ACP, and really took into consideration coming over here. The person that convinced me completely to come over here was Nacho! He was a person I met all the way back in Golds. We got along super well (he is from my country too ;0) and tried super hard to convince me to join ACP after his army merged into ACP. He joined ACP about 3-4 days before I did, and kept on telling me to join, and I ended up joining, which I don’t regret at all! Everyone has been so kind to me since I joined and it really feels like a family. I’ve been in ACP for a bit more than 1 month, I joined exactly on the 25th of June! And yes, I’ve had previous experience! I first started armies back in March with Golds Empire, where I got member of the week! Due to some problems, some friends and I decided to leave the army and we went on to found Silver Empire (you can guess where the name comes from lol) I started as a normal mod and rose the ranks to second in command, but after about 3 months, I decided to step down from my position. Then I came over to ACP and here we are!
CSY: Why do you think you were voted Troop of the Month?
Daniel: I really don’t know exactly why, because everyone has their reasons, but I think one of the main ones is my event attendance xD. I try my best to attend events out of my timezone, so I always end up going to sleep either at 9 pm or at 4 am. Btw, what’s a sleep schedule?
(interviewer’s note: Sleep schedule? Nah, never heard of that -shrug-)
CSY: What do you enjoy most about CPR? What do you enjoy most about armies?
Daniel: What enjoy most about CPR is probably the old club penguin vibes it gives. Every time I go into the game, I feel like I’m back in my childhood. Of course it has it’s up and downs, but overall it’s an amazing game to play. What I enjoy most about armies is probably the friends you make. I’ve made countless friends in this community and I couldn’t be more grateful about all of them.
CSY: I’m sure we’re all dying to know this – whats the meaning behind 20448? Have you played 2048 before?
Daniel: LOL, I love the story behind this one, because there really isn’t xD. When I was super little and started playing on the original Club Penguin, I had no clue how anything worked (I was probably around 3-4 years old) so my dad had to help me with pretty much everything. So, he was incharge of making my account. Due to “Daniel” being taken he chose the first suggestion that popped up, and you can guess what it was xD. Since then I’ve been sticking to this name! I know what 2048 is, but I’ve never really tried it out.(Even if they most likely won’t read this, shoutout to my parents for being super awesome)
CSY: I heard that left-handed people were witches. How’s Hogwarts? Or do you go to Durmstrang?
Daniel: Oh yea, you guys probably don’t know this but I go to Hogwarts ;0. I’ve been going since I was born and it has been such a ride.¬†:chew~4:
CSY: I heard that you’re a BTS fan e5. This is an important question – which is your favorite BT21 avatar?
Daniel: I- 

LOL I’ve been listening to kpop for quite a while now. One of the reasons being that “So What” by Loona used to be playing in the ACP website xD. I loved the song, and after this I decided to go deeper into kpop and started listening to BTS songs. My favorite BT21 avatar is definitely Koya (the Koala) ;0.

KOYA ‚Äď The Korean Lass
CSY: If you could have one superpower – what would it be?
Daniel: A superpower I would like to have is definitely teleportation, would make it super easy to go from place to place :sonicthumbsup:
CSY: How do you feel about recently getting mod in ACP – what are your expectations, or worries?
Daniel: I was super shocked. I was super excited to get mod, because I’ve been wanting to host games for quite some time now and now it is possible :D. Probably my biggest worry is messing up with pings and stuff xD. Btw, since I was super shocked about getting mod imagine how speechless I am about being told I was TOTM just minutes later after getting mod LOL
CSY: Last but not least – anything you want to say to the people of ACP?
Daniel: One thing I would like to say is to follow your dreams! Like Gary once said when I was mascot tracking, “anything is possible with a dream”. Just gotta work hard and put your all into it! Pura Vida ACP and thank you to everyone, ily all!<3

Stay tuned next month for August’s TOTM!
ACP Leader

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  1. congrats dude. hopefully i can get august TOTM

  2. FELICIDADES DANIEL!!!!!im very proud for u.TE LO MERECES!!

  3. congrats dude!! well deserved.

  4. Congratulations Daniel!

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