[UK/US] 2007-Style Battle vs. Crimson Guardians – Results

Hey, ACP!! Today, we logged onto Mammoth on Club Penguin Rewritten for a very special event. Today, we had a 2007-style battle with our allies, the Crimson Guardians!! Recently, Oagalthorp, the creator and first leader of ACP, joined our Discord server to visit the new generation of ACP, so we had this battle in his honor. Despite CPR crashing many times, we had tons of fun! Comment below if you attended!
Max: 38

Make sure to react in #event-chat if you attended, and keep your eye on #events for more events!!
ACP Major General

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Army of Club Penguin Ranks

Red= USA/CA |Blue = UK/EUR |Green = Oceanic/AUSIA

Commander in Chief
 Field Marshal

Max, 2funky3, Zelly


Kailey, Cubster, Robot

Field General

Lieutenant General
Sarah, Sparkz, Chek

Major General
Bscharbach2, Jeser, Shebyr, Sanya

Brigadier General

 Olimad3, Henry, Sully, Nacho, Beiruk, Fatchicken, Hollow, Daniel, OofManJr

MaddieCW3, Litt7, Yasmini, Marquis, Doink, Spyman
Furry KaileyAceshigh, Felix Raycher, ShadowSaint, Lucia, Kimi, Archie, Baileybear, DiezlofACP, Calie, Da Best, Yesn’t, Bri, Cherry Cherry, DIO, , Wyperr, Death, Ken, Skipper, Destro,
Stef, xT3ll, Kyuu, ajp, Flippy, Nightfury, Lily
First Lieutenant
GFXManiacs, Sawfishpro, StrangeTRY, Reshykrom, Laboss, Nikachu, CheerfulPanda, Sharkbate
Second Lieutenant
Outertale Sans, Zaerose, Light, CHUNGUS
 Sergeant Major
Lelosmastia, Gavin, Dest,
Warrant Officer
Chocolateyness, mikey, SD DAD, dooby, UTuber, Snow Wing, Mow, Nathalex, Sema
Master Sergeant
Yyeellooww7, NotASeat, Aliciaa, Simple Egg, APPLE6683, Powerprimate, Stormarea51, Tay, Bloodmoon,

Staff Sergeant

Partygirl301, RedFireFreak, Eunhyes, Gladiator, Rachel, 0NSS4, TeaSis, LeBeerCate, Joanne, TheBrokenMessage, Enigma
 Burntpotato, Euphoric, DogfightKetchup-Kun, JJ, TomOS01 Icey, rollo de canela, Darth Knight, Gib, PedroTP, Pungu

Cygral, Gianna, NoobCola, Goldenwing, Eyeless, xime0208, Pan, Pandacorn36, mr koli, Pinky, Issa, King Pumpkin, ClassifiedGamer
Daisy, Enguinpay2.0, FogHorn, Gravitea, Gavfkdj, Kaismashuniverse, Topipii, ManlikeMAKA, Midori, PinkDino, Sr. Mario, vader, Coviduvidapdap, Boba Sweet, Dana, JoeyTheKidRS, Lola, Princesslayne, Ronin, Naudii, Devid, Karterlage, WolfieRocks, Jubilee, Onisuke, Destipoop, hotcheetos, soggyfrenchtoaststick, Voice of reason, Guille, Danny20Dvllon, Tyler, DragonShadowWolf, Min Pao, Nightfury’s Friend, ash.xo, Jjay, Vaibhav pro, Carbonated, Min Pao, Thecomicbookguy
Lance Corporal
Alien Mikaela Pendragon, ArCharon, NEON, Chubbymonster, CatLuver, Faiqa, Geounit, Gibberish, Gumble Dor, JoeUnderdog, lokieed, Jongles, Kodachi, Kohaku, lilpeanut, LittleGuavz, MagmaMixer, Naddel, Naty, Newton, Pablito, Potato, Penguinator, Pudi, R2 Bee2, Scamper, Spartan Sword, thomas is cool, Zayita, Sad Uncle, Walrasurus, LaurLaur, King quacker, absolute, Alejandrogt, Blue Daisy, Bluebear, CHANEL, ChillAF, Toast = yum, Yeetboi, Yoshi, C19, Danielcassno, Djnaracska, Fattywap, Gamstergirl, Hannahhh, Hfsm, Ice, Jacoburritoz, Jennybeth, Kokiruiz, Kurtle, Llama, Madi, Maxwell, Mmuenz, New ree man, Olijay, peppasoccer, Portal Guy, Sad gay, Seafoambeige, Simi, Skatergirl, Danielaaa, 10nick10, Aech, Airblastking, Allan, bankrol, BHEvans, Canami, Fairy, Catalina, Cathrine, Ch007, Cheesy Nachos, Chris Dray, daffodilly, Davidt, DonJamie, ericB, EvaKathryn, Faded, Faded To The DarkSide, FelwraithGaming, finn, Fliporflop, Greenpengin, happy12, harry, hexecutioner, hiyaboy, ImadethisaccforFunkeirao, JAEDA_UDAN, jayden, jdog, JEL JEL, JOKAH, jolieadeux, keara, laceyy, LalaLucia, Layla_DoublePink4L, Lexi, lilly, loldollsyay, Lolita Morningstar, LonelyLemon, Medel, Megan, mochimuffin, monty, moonmoon, Nikorin, Peach, Pedro, peppa, Proski, Rachell, rainbowmoth, ReverseJC, rid the flash, rose_is_on_ice, saahil, sal, Stuff, t0msteyer, tallulah, TomateTomatoTomato, vivian//juen, wegthegg, Kermit, YoYoPengPeng, Goldenleader, alexandria, LuisCV, Hunter, Angeldav, kristian, dles, A highly dangerous doofer, morgymomo, Morgy, Silver_Hawk, ^^, Spaghettifaction, tvguymlg, fzyx87, EllieElefant, Kal_el, Plantpreyer, BaxterXIV, Funcake, Fluffy, Cookie Gacha, YaBoyOG, DUENDE, Alex2015, Lena, sokka, Nvalrod, Funnyfungus, Stefan, TheRealXavi, Igster, Fireflame, J3dimastr, Blinko, Venus, ArcadePlayer, !hello, Chef Chaeworm, Busybeeaaaa, Kawaii Happi Chan, Juanka, Ashly, Aryan, Nlc, Savio, Purple, Selene, CarlitosNinja, Goth Girl, Frog, Mighty_Q, The Owner Gliesty, Blaster, Irisa, Aradia, OSVMA, Priya, Abby, PinkypinkCPR, Exotic_gamerduff, Blueboi, j a z z b o t, Zoey-Cathrine, Hannah, Dissmeester, Bunny, Mnxann rop6a4eb, Kittenlover, TheRealXavi, Swiftesscat, Galeas
This will be your rank when you first join the army! To rank up to Lance Corporal, simply attend your first event!


King Mondo, Mchappy, Bobcatboy, Brad

Kailey, Aeropos

ACP Panel of Guardians
Mchappy*, Shaboomboom, Flipmoo, Boomer20
* denotes current acting Guardian

[SPEC OPS] Dragon Takeover – Results!

For today’s event, we logged onto to Blizzard for showing people that dragons exist, meaning we decided to take over Town with our dragon suits. We maxed 40, we had lots of fun with great tactics. Shoutout to Kailey 2 for hosting a hide and seek game, and shoutout to Doink, Jake & Styx for being the three winners of our fun hide and seek. Make sure to react in #event-chat to confirm your attandance, and comment on this post if you came.

Max: 40

We rise from this.

ACP Major General