Introducing… The Shamrock Bulletin!

Hello ACP!

Since our inauguration in 2007, the Army of Club Penguin has always prided itself in its diversity – becoming the ‘creators’ of the AUSIA division, allowing troops of different timezones to enjoy CPA with us; becoming one of the first armies with a publicly LGBT+ leader. Today, we have evolved into a discord community with almost 4.5k members from all over the world.
Due to popular public demand, we began collecting fan art submissions in mid May – since then, we’ve received not just visual art, but linguistic expressions from talented members of the ACP. Just last week, we had our first episode of the ACP podcast – Clover Chats. With an ever growing community, we’re hoping to be able to keep celebrating all the talented individuals, with the stories they wish to tell. 
I am proud to announce our new project, the Shamrock Bulletin – a community ran newspaper, where all troops are free to write and submit any stories they wish to tell.
What is there to look forward to?
Other than community submitted articles and stories, we will be doing scheduled columns, including things you’ve already seen before, with a couple new additions:
1) ACP Weekly Recaps (w/ Aeropos)
2) Clover Chats Podcast (w/ Zelly and Yeti)
3) Troop Interviews and “The CSY Challenge” (w/ CSY)
4) Fan fiction (w/ Max)
5) Tales from the Past (a funny recount of ACP history)
6) Standing On the Shoulders of Giants (Interviews with past ACP leaders and dedicated officers)
7) Fan art posts!
8) Battle Reviews, Satire, and more!
How can I take part?
If you have something you want to submit, simply DM CSY. Any submissions/stories for the Shamrock Bulletin are welcome! (You will be added as an author on the site for this!)
If you want to be notified of Shamrock Bulletin posts, simply react for the role in #join
I am excited to see what our troops will come up with, to make this community-ran project a success!
ACP Leader

[AUSIA] Practice Battle vs AOS! {RESULTS}

What’s Good ACP?!?!

The Army of Club Penguin had an amazing battle on Mammoth, where we battled the Army of the Orient Seas, our good allies, in a practice battle. We maxed 28 soldiers! We then had a fun and awesome sled racing tournament after, in which the ACP was victorious!

Lemme get back to you on that.

US Division Leader/Field Marshal

[US] Knight Takeover – Results!

Today we logged onto Blizzard on CPRewritten for Knight Takeover led by moderators, Marquis and Sarahah. We took over the island by storm while wearing our shiny knight costumes! While practicing our jousting skills we also managed to squeeze in some fun tactics! 
We maxed 37! 

Fabulous performance from all of the knights who attended this event! Make sure to watch out for our next fun event!
Lieutenant General