[UK] Operation: All Gold Everything Results!

Whats poppin ACP?
Today the Light Troops, i mean Army of Club Penguin logged on to CPR and threw a massive g o l d p a r t y! Everyone looked fancy and shiny, kinda hurt my eyes a lil but it was worth coming to! Don’t forget to DM @Kailey#4053 for clovers and react in #events if you can come to next event. 🙂

Max: 47

That is all, folks. Comment if you came!

ACP General / Third In Command

11 Responses

  1. nice event guys, we mods love each and every one of you that come to our events and support us ❤

  2. I came! ❤

  3. Gold is the new Green!

  4. koloway yessir

  5. The gold event was super fun

  6. Wasn't able to attend, but looked fun! Wish I could've been there!

  7. Happy to be there 👋

  8. was there!

  9. I was there! This event was GOLDEN! Glad this was my first event back from leave!

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