[AUSIA] Defence of Mammoth – VICTORY!

WAR SCORE: 1-0-0

Hello ACP!

Today the Army of Club Penguin made history, as we took home a 3-0 victory against the RPF. We maxed 45, a size that proved too much for RPF and their man with a plan. The RPF are going to regret taking us on, this war is a CLOVER CRUSADE5 clovers if you came!

The RPF troops know it was an ACP victory too!

We really do.

March On! ~Max
European Division Leader/Field Marshal

9 Responses

  1. Those arrogant RPF won't be arrogant anymore. Long live the ACP and down goes the RPF!


  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I attended and it was a bit intense.


  6. the \”Shebyr is online\” is a testament that I crashed at least 10 times during the battle. March on!

  7. Umm can you not

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