RPF 1: Against Justice

This is the first part of a series of documents which contains public information from the RPF procured
through their website, and through other various means. This particular document displays the Rebel
Penguin Federation’s hypocrisy for their own personal gain.

Part 1: Size Inflation

This part responds to one of the meticulous points made in the RPF’s declaration of war “When you’re
using our sizes to back up your size inflation, that seems like an issue.” In ACP’s initial response to
the leak, the Army of Club Penguin at no point named Rebel Penguin Federation’s sizes to
substantiate our own “size inflation” – yet the RPF seem to believe the ACP were referring to them.
This points towards the fact that the RPF themselves admit to being perpetrators of the trend of size
inflation – in which evidence below will present.

 As not a former member of the Rebel Penguin Federation, this hypocrisy disgusts me. This army is
not to be trusted, at least in their max claims.

Part 2: Size Inflation or breaking Terms of War?

Sidie9, current PIC leader – counted into RPF’s “max” pictures. Attending as an ally and breaking the
terms of the war, or counted into the max to inflate sizes?

With RPF’s pretty much public declaration that Sidie9 contributed to their sizes, and the fact that Sidie9
was in the RPF formation, perhaps it is not farfetched to claim that RPF has forfeited the war.

This segment in particular is one of my favorites. RPF ownership displays such attempts to publish
terms to give ACP no chances at all, while either inflating their sizes or calling on allies. (I’d say
maybe they made an honest mistake and needed help counting, but with their firm statements in
CPAM chat about how ACP needs to visit the optometrist…)

Part 3: Raiding ACP

Amidst RPF’s self-righteous ‘crusade’, claiming that ACP “raid[ed] our events dressed up as rogues”,
it seems that RPF are too guilty of this – even going as far as to raid our recruitment.

In addition, another troop, likely on an alt, raided the Army of Club Penguin’s 2nd recruiting event once

ACP gets it. You don’t want us to have allies to stand a chance against your Supreme Saturday max
180 army. You won’t even let us have troops that are dual enlisted to attend. You want to curbstomp
an army that maxes 3x less than you, for reasons that we have proved to be utter baloney.
At least let us recruit to try and match up – or are you here to ruin that too?

(I will note here that this situation has already been brought up with RPF leader Ultipenguinj with
promises to “follow through”, I’ll still include this here since “providing solutions to a situation” doesn’t
seem to matter to the RPF, evident with their war declaration over things that ACP already
clearly addressed.)

Concluding Remarks 
This post is too long already so I’ll make it brief. Here I have compiled evidence that RPF:
1) Inflates sizes
2) Either inflates sizes, or has called on allies for help
3) Raids ACP recruiting events
Don’t call us out on something you do yourself. 
We rise from this.
ACP Leader

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  1. rpf as a whole is nah because they do disgusting things

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