[URGENT] Call to Arms Against RPF War

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin – Veterans, Members, and Allies.
This is not a drill.
I repeat, this is not a drill.
The Rebel Penguin Federation has declared war on the Army of Club Penguin, under a facade of righteousness; setting blatantly impossible terms if ACP wanted to put up a good fight.
I am here to appeal to all walks of the community – friends, or foes, allies or enemies. The Army of Club Penguin only wishes for peace – we have time and time again proven we are here for what we stand for – to defend feedom, and preserve justice. 
This is the call to arms. ACP is reaching out to all soldiers, and asking them to come back to assist our war efforts. We have now added a plethora of members to our ranks:
Adden433 – Former WV Leader, Former WV Leader (US)
Nick – Former WV 3IC (US)
Koloway – Former ACP Leader, Former Doritos LIT, Former RPF staff (US)
Stevos – Former ACP Moderator (US)
Lenco – Former Metal Warriors Creator, ACP 3ic (EU)
Kreatos – Former Lightning Striker Creator, UMA (US)
Lord Flash  – Former ACP Moderator (AUSIA)
Ming – KG007, DW, ACP (US)
Sirplus – Former ACP 4ic (US)
Mikemate – Former ACP HCOM (US)
Litt7 – Former RPF staff (US)
(In no particular order)
Welcome all ACP, new or old. This is the official call to arms. Chaos has also come to our side, to assist in war efforts. More will be revealed later.
We rise from this.
ACP Leader

5 Responses

  1. Godspeed and praise Syria and ACP

  2. We rise from this.


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