[US] Purple Takeover [Results]

It’s Dawnables here again as I am writing once again. Today I finally led an event after a hot break from it. That event was a bit stressful we were raided in the first part switched servers a bunch and then had fun. Honestly thank you 3IC Kailey for helping me with leading LOL she saw how frustrated I was and I do love you Kailey smh even if you piss me off. Cubby thanks for helping me out with pushing out tactics. I love you 2 dummies for being clowns. Mochii got us kicked off of the game which will turn into a WOW MOCHII HOW DARE YOU! Kidding love you lunch buddy. Hmm thinking abt who else to throw into the light before I show off the pics. Thanks Zoomy for being the cute female you are ;). I think Zelly deserves a mention thank you for keeping me going and helping ACP run as well as we are. Keep clowning ACP I love you all even if you bother me.

Max: 50!
We always b smiling cause we’re ACP!

Some of y’all are stinky E+8

Just teasinggggg

Karma is a lawyer E+5

I had to Moon XD
Lieutenant General

See you all at AUSIA
-Your favourite 5ic

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  2. Very cool purpleness

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