ACP Recap #3 8-14 MARCH(Early spring break! yeaaa)

Hey there troops of ACP! The awesomest army in Club Penguin! This is Aero typing late at night, like always, here we are in the second week of March and much has happened. Many who are in schools are having an early spring break, and we got alot in store for the rest of the month! Remember to comment, check out updates and future events. This was originally Purple Slime4‘s Idea way back in the day, so lets all sit back, take some vitamin c, wash our hands, and lets recap!

Sunday, 8th of March

[AUSIA] Killer Croc Event! {RESULTS} 

This is Club Penguin, not Florida!

Size: 17
Tactic rating: 7.5/10

[UK/US] Letterman Jacket Takeover! [Results]

Get your ACP Coffee!
Size: 40
Tactic rating: 8/10

ACP Recap #2 1-7 MARCH 


Monday, 9th of March

 Tuesday, 10th of March

[UK] Mod-Lead Invasion of Slushy Results 


Size: 15
Tactic rating: 8/10

[US] Invasion of Northern Lights [Results]

Mondo izzz flyy

Size: 15
Tactic rating: 8/10

[SPEC OPS] Operation Tuesday!

Ignore that fashion show :d

Size: 19
Tactic rating: 6.5/10


 Wednesday, 11th of March

[UK] Invasion of Glacier Results

Glacier is OURS!
Size: 14
Tactic rating: 8/10

[US] Green Take Over!

So blurry Its like its from 2010 lol

Size: 30
Tactic rating: 8/10

[SPEC OPS] Operation week before St. Patrick’s day!

Hearts for next week!

Size: 15
Tactic rating: 6.5/10

Thursday, 12th of March

[UK] St. Patrick’s Day Takeover Results!

No large gatherings, whoo careess :d

Size: 20
Tactic rating: 7/10

[US] Invasion of Alpine Results

The Alpine is in the bg I think ;-;

Size: 11
Tactic rating: 8/10

[SPEC OPS] Co-Region Event! [RESULTS]

Dawn your post makes me laugghhhh xD

Size: 23
Tactic rating: 6/10


Friday, 13th of March



CPR Cheats: Pin Locations & Rockhopper Catalog Cheats

Friday, 13th of March


[UK/US] Invasion of Breeze Results!

Now this is OG style!
My eyes, so awesome!

Size: 40
Tactic rating: 9/10




Again, pretend its summarise w aero ._.

UK Force

Current average size: 25+ v-1

Performance rating: 8/10 ^+0.3

USA Force

Current average size: 27+ v-4

Performance rating: 8.2/10 ^+0.4


Current average size: 18+ =

Performance rating: 6.6/10 v-0.9

Overall performance: 22.8/30!

We had 12 successful events this week!!

 We had 4 AUSIA events, 2 UK/US events, 3 US events and 3 UK events

The highest sizes we’ve reached this week were up to 40+ during the US/UK Invasion of Breeze!

14 posts were posted throughout the week!

The division with the highest average tactic rating was the US force! with an average of 8.2/10 for the tactic rating. The UK, is second with 8/10 and AUSIA is last with 6.6/10.
Good job troops! Keep it up, lets aim for bigger sizes this upcoming week!
Stay hygenic and consume vitamin c!
This week has been a doozie, with people buying the entire store, its good to keep calm and prevent the spread of germs!
Because most are on spring break, early, here’s some cool stuff to check out!
^great game!
^The og cpa news site, take a look!
^ so much salmon!
^this one is an oldiee :3
^I used to go on this soo much
^It’ll point to your cursor xD
^this one is a trip to see

Random picsss!
An upgrade if you ask mee

 kk thats a wrap this week, great job to our troops and hcom! Everyone put in great effort! Keep recruiting btw. im tired so just make sure to tell your fellow troops ’bout this, comment, and check the acp discord for updates. See you next week or probs in mainchat crying ’bout my love life. kk seeya later! – Aeropos

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