ACP Recap #2 1-7 MARCH

Edit note: Some colours, fonts, and sizes might be messed up. will fix in morning hopefully!
What is up! Troops of ACP! This is Aero coming to you from the editors pageee,, Here we are for ROUND 2 of this epic thing called a kinda creative post! This week was busy and we have alot to cover, also lots of laughs along the way! What a great week to open up MARCH! Make sure to check this one out and leave a comment, don’t be a stranger. Any ideas for this recap? leave it below in the comments, I might use(or ignore) the suggestions! btw, ignore the lines in the post! ;-;
Again, all credit goes to Purple Slime4 for the original Idea of this! Lets get right into it, LETS GO!

Sunday, 1st of March


[AUSIA] Puffle Takeover Event {RESULTS}

Hearts for AUSIA ❤
Sizes: 23

Tactic rating: 8/10

[UK/US] Final Battle vs. Romans Results!


Yes they are..

Tactic rating: 8.5/10



Monday, 2nd of March



Treaty of the Galeas – The End of the Roman War [VICTORY]

Tuesday, 3rd of March


[AUSIA] Gendarmerie Training Results(REVIVAL!)


Sizes: 18

Tactic rating: 8/10

[US] Practice Battle vs OS Mascarados! {RESULTS}


Sizes: 26

Tactic rating: 8.5/10



Wednesday, 4th of March


[US] Pirate Event!

Good luck China ;-;

Sizes: 24

Tactic rating: 6.5/10

[UK] Spider Rave Results

Spiders have ideas too!

Sizes: 30

Tactic rating: 7/10

[SPEC OPS EVENT] Formations Training / Hide and Seek 

The hide and seek was fun!

Sizes: 15

Tactic rating: 7/10


[FEB 2020] Promotions!

Thursday, 5th of March




Friday, 6th of March


[UK] Afro Event

ACP so cool, we make the dark nightclub SHINE!


Tactic rating: 7/10

[US] Ice Cream Party Event! {RESULTS}

my fav EF Flower power!

Sizes: 40

Tactic rating: 8/10

[SPEC OPS] Get your BETA scarfs!

EF + EL go well together w our BETA scarfs!

Sizes: 24

Tactic rating: 8/10


CPR Cheats: March 2020 Clothing Catalog Cheats

Saturday, 7th of March


[UK] Mammoth Has Come Home (Invasion Results)

Mammoth, we meet again..

Sizes: 32

Tactic rating: 8.5/10

[US] Operation Propeller Hat!


Sizes: 43

Tactic rating: 7.5/10

[Spec Ops] Clown Event

Zelly Socks ;P

Sizes: 13

Tactic rating: 6.5/10




UK Force

Current average size: 26+

Performance rating: 7.75/10

USA Force

Current average size: 31+

Performance rating: 7.8/10


Current average size: 18+

Performance rating: 7.5/10

Overall performance: 23/30!


We had 13 successful events this week!!

 We had 5 AUSIA events, 1 UK/US events, 4 US events and 3 UK events

The highest sizes we’ve reached this week were up to 43+ during the US Propeller hat event!

17 posts were posted throughout the week!!! WOW!

The division with the highest average tactic rating was the US force! with an average of 7.8/10 for the tactic rating. The UK, is second with 7.75/10 and AUSIA is last with 7.5/10.

Some division scores went down a bit(by a hair), still we grew in our sizes and overall performance as an army!

Facts of the Week!

  •  Y2k was 20 years ago
  • Although the blind can’t see, they still smile when their happy
  • The temperature -40 degrees is the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Herring fish can communicate with the bubbles in their farts

Some random pics! 

well, thats another wrap to this week. Make sure to leave comments and keep up to date with future events! Remember, recruiting is a great way to get clovers and stand out! Don’t be a stranger, come hang out with us on discord. ‘Till next time! – Aeropos

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