[US] Card Jutsu Tourney [RESULTS]

Heya ACP!

How do we do? What’s not an event without having fun, huh? Tonight we gave insight to that! Exactly. Honestly, Card Jitsu is an incredible game made by the former Club Penguin Team. Simple, complex and mentally challenging. Everything went smoothly as we’ve seen those who dared fought to the limits. Neither breaks nor delays did not stop the event from happening. Even I for one called the event awesome! We maxed 11.

Our Winners were:
1st: Dino and Sirplus (tied with 12 wins)
2nd: Kailey #2 (10 points)
3rd: Josh Laurin (7 points)

~Rockstar1819, Retired ACP 3ic/Legend and Brigadier General.

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