One Month of History: November 2019

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Greetings, your Guardian here. We’ve just passed our two months since recreation and even held an anniversary party where our allies came to party all night long with us! This is my monthly recap of all the great things we accomplished this month that will go down in history. I’m excited to see what December and winter break has in store for us.

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We kicked things off in November with a three way battle between our most trusted allies! While we didn’t win the entire thing, it was still a lot of fun and showed great camaraderie.

Koloway had the perfect idea to hold an old fashioned war event. Who recalls the old days of marching maracas? 
Another day, another battle! The best part about being in the Army of Club Penguin is that there are always new heights to reach. We don’t stop until we hit our goals. We’ll continue to train, fight, and prepare for anything thrown our way. Again, we didn’t win this battle but our victory will come soon enough.
Koloway is made the new leader of ACP effectively making him the 47th Leader of the DRACP.
A new enemy had emerged! Information that the People’s Imperial Confederation were planning on invading us had gotten leaked. There was only one thing to do and that was to answer the call of war. We had proven last month we were capable of a victory the community has never seen before. By now, we were living up to our reputation.
November 13th, 2019
November 14th, 2019
November 15th, 2019
When we successful took Alpine from our enemy’s nation, the enemy came calling. They surrendered and the war was over with a clean sweep 6-0. Graciously we gave back a few servers as the only thing the ACP ever wants for the community is peace. Let this serve as a lesson to all who challenge the Army of Club Penguin!
CPANN, a news site, was hosting a new tournament called the November 2 Remember. It was the first tournament we participated in since our recreation. The last time we won a tournament was many, many years ago (we’re talking maybe as far back as 2015!) so it was really important to us that we made the Finals. We won the first round against the WN.
November 17th, 2019
Alpha and Echo had their very first practice battle after being reintroduced! It ended up with an Echo victory. We plan on having a lot more team versus team battles in the future.
November 20th, 2019
This time around we decided to face off against a different ally. We continued our undefeated victory streak against them! IT’S SOUR HOUR!
However, the very next morning our victory streak came to a halt as our ally came full force during the AUSIA practice battle. Nevertheless it was an amazing battle and we congratulate them on their victory! Next time we won’t go so easy.
Finally! We reached the Finals in the November 2 Remember tournament. While we put up such an amazing fight, our competitors just barely etched out a victory. This tournament will go down in ACP history. 
You’re probably sensing a pattern here. In order to make up for our defeat, we challenged our allies to another practice battle but this time at USA friendly times. And what would you know? We won effortlessly!
Week 2 of the Alpha vs Echo battles was held on this day. Yet again, Echo was able to prevail and come out on top but both divisions put on a huge spectacular show that will live on in our legacy.
To finish off the month we held a party to commemorate our second month of recreation as well as it being Stef’s birthday. Happy birthday, Stef! This all couldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you. Yes, you reading this.
There you have it. Another month in review in what will become the best November in recent years. December so far has started off on such on an amazing foot. It’s because of all the hard work every single ACP soldier has put into November. Over the course of these few weeks we have risen to the top and now it’s a matter of staying there and making sure that ACP WILL PREVAIL.
Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian

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