UK Invasion of Ice Bank [RESULTS]

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
Hello, ACP!
We had an invasion of Ice Bank earlier today and it came out to be a tie. We ended up having around 12 people online, while RFCP had about 14. At certain points in the battle, we did have the size advantage… and we pulled off some pretty neat tactics! Both sides fought hard, we didn’t have that many members online… but at least it wasn’t a loss. I’m sure many of you are tired, especially if you’ve been staying up later than usual to attend these events–which I am very grateful for. Hang in there, everyone! I can sense that our war is almost over. When someone declares war on us, we will fight back… hard.

Our war with the Recon Federation has been a great success so far. Once all of this is over… expect many promotions… even some of the higher ups will be promoted. Keep doing what you’re doing everyone, and attend what you can! Fun events await us soon!

Max: 18+ || Average: 15+

ACP Commander in Chief

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