Introducing Clover System

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

Rebuilding a legendary army such as the ACP from the ground up is not easy work. We’re still trying new tactics here and there to ensure that the Army of Club Penguin has a long, healthy life ahead of it.

This feature has been in and out of our army many times before, it’s is a medal system. We just like to call medals “Clovers”. After each event, a number of clovers will be given out as a reward for those who attended. It’s a great way to judge how promotions get handled, and a real incentive to come to events. I know a lot of you soldiers have been asking about promotions as ACP is your first army or you’re eager to climb the ranks!

Image result for club penguin clover

Your commanding Officers are still in the beginning phases of this new clover system. We want to make sure that it works perfectly for not only YOU but for ACP as well. Here is what we’ve come up with so far:

  • If you attend a normal weekday event, you get rewarded with three Clovers.
  • If you attend a Practice Battle, you get rewarded with four Clovers.
  • If you’re on the battlefield of an ACP war, you get rewarded with five Clovers.
You will be able to turn these clovers in for promotions. In all honesty, we haven’t come up with a total amount for which these can be turned in for. For now, we will start with 25 Clovers to get promoted to Lance Corporal. After that all promotions will take at least 40 Clovers. Clovers will only be rewarded to ranked soldiers above the “member line” on the ranks page.

Would you rather wait a month for promotions or be able to turn in medals whenever you want for a promotion? ACP has about 10 EVENTS in a WEEK which means you could have 30/40 Clovers in ONE WEEK.

Disclaimer: This does not mean you will be unable to obtain a promotion earlier. Chainpro has the discretion as the Commander in Chief to promote anyone at any given time under his oath.

Disclaimer 2: Chainpro is allowed to hand out any amount of Clovers to a deserving soldier for their valiant effort.
Back in my day when the Army of Club Penguin did medals, we use to keep track of our medals in our names. No need to worry if you forget to keep track as the High in Command will be keeping track as well.
Anyone who came to the Simon Says event last night will receive their first Clovers. Let us know how you feel about this medal system.
Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian

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