Stepping Back Down To Captain



After a a bit more than a couple of weeks, it is time I step back down to my former rank. I actually stayed a bit longer than I was supposed to. As temporary leader, my job was really just to make sure there was a smooth transition from the leadership of Albaro to the next; as well as training some of the owners. It was a big shock to be leading armies in this age where our phrases are banned and autotyping has become a must for your army’s survival. It was something I really wasn’t use to.

But I hope my time here has really made some difference. After we took a hit in late August and early September, we took 10th place but now we have moved back up to 5-6th on the Top 10. I helped develop new recruiting phrases when our old ones got banned and now most owners have been improving with carrying out their responsibilities which is great, although we all need to be recruiting more. Recruiting is probably the only thing we need to do better on because as far as I can tell, you owners are doing a decent job on everything else.

This is probably the last time I will ever be able to lead ACP since I am going to university soon and it will obvious require a lot more of my time. This is my last year of high school so I will need to focus on school more then ever. I still will continue to train and mentor some of the owners and maybe even come to events on the weekend! However, because of homework and everything, it is getting incredibly hard to attend US events.

It has really been nice leading here again and it’s great meeting all these new people that I am proud to call my troops. For almost all my time in CP armies, I have only ever dedicated myself to this army. There wasn’t really any other army that felt like home to me. That is why, even when this army is in rough times, I choose to continue in doing whatever I can for it, rather than joining the bandwagon of joining the top armies on CPAC.

This is not the last time you will see me, I’ll be around but I just do not have time for the responsibility of leading ACP anymore. I don’t know what else to say except, thank you to all those loyal ACP soldiers. In the years that follow, just like my troops I led in 2011-2012, I will still be proud to call you one of my own soldiers.


~Kenneth1000, ACP Captain

10 Responses

  1. I salute you, friend.
    Good luck in life.

  2. Thanks for you work in the ACP Kenneth ❤ you are a Legend.

  3. i am gonna miss you Kenneth!!!!!
    Your Friend,
    Lord Brad

  4. i am gonna miss you Kenneth See you Around
    ~Lord Brad

  5. you did an amazing job getting picking us back up

    good luck at uni

  6. kenneth for president

  7. It was awesome to serve under you. Good luck with your Senior year and at college!

  8. What uni are you planning to go to? I might see you that would be derpy and cool at the same time lol

  9. Kid couldn’t handle the heat, now your ass gets the feet. Gtfo ken ur face looks like 3 dried tomatos bby </3

  10. Best of luck mate.

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