ACP RECAP #58! – 15th -21st March 2015

Hello, cello and smello to my ACP Recap! It’s Purp here. I’m back after a 2-month/9-week rest and I’m ready to rise from the grave, baby! So here is ACP Recap #57- Legend returned , a leader leave, better sizes earned, a new leaf….and lots of bots!

Many troops have came and went since the last recap was posted; so to those ones who don’t know much about my ACP Recap, then here…

ACP Recap is a weekly post where, I, Purpleslime4, recap ACP’s past week. 

This post is a pack full of surprises, I tells ya! I mainly show all the events we’ve had this week including the sizes we got and the tactic rating. But it’s not only that! After all, I am Purple slime4! I sprinkle on my awesome Purple-Slime-Fun-ness with some interesting fun stuff on this post. Fun stuff such as: epic facts, crazy search terms (search terms are what people look up to find our site), a funny ACP song parody, and probably more if I actually bothered to check!

Click HERE if you would like to see how ACP did EXACTLY a YEAR ago!!!

Oh, and who could forget!


Now, let’s get started…

What events have we had this week?

Sunday 15th of March


Unscheduled AUSIA/UK Recruiting/Tactic Session

acpevent8 e9

that pink penguin is so offended, whai ACP! WHAI?!

Sizes: 18-21

Tactic rating: 8.6/10


UK/USA Training Session

absolutely perrfec-Jade Ice, nuuuu how could uuuu! (jk)

Sizes: 13-15

Tactic rating: 8.1/10


Click HERE for Kingfunks’ introduction post! Welcome back to ACP, Funks!


Monday 16th of March

Break day


Tuesday 17th of March


AUSIA Training Session

acpevent9 smiles

Happy AUSIA, happy me.

Sizes: 11-15

Tactic rating: 8.2/10


UK/USA St. Patrick’s Day PARADE!


frick yeah! and that’s the ACP pride I wanna seee!!!

Sizes: 20-25

Tactic rating: 8.4/10


USA St Patrick’s Day Parade!

acp when legends and former mods rejoin… i geddit now!

Sizes: 18-20

Tactic rating: 8.6/10


Click HERE for Ahmed’s goals for the week. I think we certainly scored them!


Wednesday 18th of March


UK Training/Recruiting Session

ACP when Funks returns. damn right.

Sizes: 18-21

Tactic rating: 8/10


USA (Sorta glitched out..) Training Session

Were you meant to say ARMY OF CLUB PENGUIN? Don’t geddit!

Sizes: 17-20

Tactic rating: 8/10



Click HERE for Fluffy’s post announcing that he is stepping down. Aw nuts…

Click HERE for Ajman’s important post about what to do when there are bots online.


Thursday 19th of March


AUSIA Training Session


There is, and always, time for pizza.

Sizes: 10-15

Tactic rating: 7/10


UK Practice Battle VS DCP // Train-Cruiting Session


Sizes: 15-17

Tactic rating: ???


USA Training Session

Do your tactics, do them now, let the haters fly away! Spamming phrases like yea, listenin’ to owners like yea, YEAHYEAHYEAH IT’S A PARTY IN THE USA- FORCE!

Sizes: 19-22

Tactic rating: 8.4/10


Click HERE for Funks’ first ‘The Price Is Right’ weekly series post! Check it out!


Friday 20th of March


UK Cleansing of Mammoth VS SWAT [Victory]


Sizes: 15-16

Tactic rating: 7.8/10





Saturday 21st of March


USA/UK Battle VS Doritos



Sizes: 18-23

Tactic rating: 8.7/10





UK Force- Current average size: 15-20+ Overall performance rating: 8.3/10

USA Force- Current average size: 20+ Overall performance rating: 8.5/10

AUSIA Force- Current average size: 10-15+ Overall performance rating: 7.9/10

Overall Performance:



We had 12 successful events this week!

 We had  2 AUSIA events, 1 UK/AUSIA event, 3 UK/USA events, 3 USA events and  3 UK events!

The highest sizes we’ve reached this week were up to 25 during the UK/USA St Patricks Day Parade!

19 posts were posted throughout the week. Wow.

The average amount of views on the site we got throughout this week was 762 views. Coooool.

20 people joined ACP this week according to the join page. WELCOME ALL! GET RECRUITING, GUYS!


Facts of the week!

  1. A roadrunner is fast enough to catch a humming bird mid flight.
  2. Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn’t wear pants.
  3. The world record for throwing knives around a human target in one minute is 102.
  4. The oldest 20-sided-dice comes from ancient Egypt.
  5. A pound of grasshoppers is almost as nutritious as a pound of beef.
  6. An estimated 350 PowerPoint presentations are given every second worldwide, which is more than 30 million daily.
  7. The cereal ‘Cookie Crisp’ was created by Purina, the pet food company.
  8. It would take approximately 3,155,524,416 Cheerios to circle the Earth at the equator.
  9. In the last century, the east coast of the United States has moved about 8 ft. further away from Europe.
  10. The fresh, salty smell of beach air is actually the smell of rotting seaweed.
  11. Electro-magnetically speaking, pink isn’t a color.
  12. There are colonies of tiny mites living on your face, feasting on the oil that comes out of your pores.
  13. There are libraries around the world where you can check out humans as living books and listen to their stories.
  14. The name ‘Gary’ is going extinct.
  15. Pluto never made a full revolution around the sun while it was still considered a planet.

Weird search terms of the week! Actually, of the past month… since I haven’t done this in ages…

  1. bmarocks3
  2. shingeki no kyojin garrison
  3. do you have to do army to join the cp
  4. army acp 3-0
  5. soccer army cp
  6. ariana grande weird face
  7. army march ballymena 14th march 2015
  8. thermal invitation
  9. what army are the black penguins on club penguin?
  10. breaking the rules in the army
  11. random farting clones in dance club club penguin
  12. znzz
  13. macita23
  14. what the theme of cp march 2015
  15. funny. celebrity gifs
  16. hola meme
  17. operation rolling thunder.
  18. hiking club uniform -scouts
  19. crown
  20. poop warriors of club penguin
  21. thunder soilders of cp
  22. club penguin emotes keyboard sheep
  23. skatpark dessin
  24. images of army welcome pope francis
  25. sardine
  26. illuminati

Song parody of the week! This week: ACP parody of ‘Uptown Funk’- 

Doh doh doh, doh doh doh, doh doh
Doh doh doh, doh doh doh, doh doh
Doh doh doh, doh doh doh, doh doh
Doh doh doh, doh duh (Aaaaaaow!)

Do what you’re told
It’s a practice battle
VS Ice Warriors
It’s top ten gold!
We’re winnin’ cos’ them good troops
Them good troops
Great loyalty
Trainin’, recruitin’
Livin’ it up on Mammoth
Got troops recruiting with Ahmed
Gotta promote myself I’m so active

I’m too loyal (hot damn)
Led an owner and a moderator
I’m too loyal (hot damn)
Make an troop wanna retire for me
I’m too loyal (hot damn)
Say my name you know who I am
I’m too loyal (hot damn)
And I’m great ’bout dat recruitin’
Break it down…

Leaders say ”good job troops”
Leaders say ”good job troops”

Leaders say ”good job troops”
‘Cause Uptown recruiting gon’ give it to you
‘Cause Uptown recruiting gon’ give it to you
‘Cause Uptown recruiting gon’ give it to you
Saturday night and we on a five-bar
Wanna be promoted? just watch (Come on)

Doh doh doh, doh doh doh, doh doh (Hah!)

Wanna be promoted?, just watch…

Doh doh doh, doh doh doh, doh doh (Hah!)

Wanna be promoted?, just watch…

Wanna be promoted?, just watch…

Wanna be promoted?, just watch…

Wanna be promoted?, just watch…
Hey, hey, hey, oh!

Wait a minute
Room change soon, don’t go in it!
60 seconds, listen up
GUYS!! Don’t enter yet!
Off to Klondike, Plaza, then the forts and the town
If you’re locked out you’re gonna stay out!!!
Wow, nice sizes it’s really gonna get down!


Before we log off
Let me do one more thing…
Blizzard, town now!!! Blizzard town right now!!!
Blizzard, town now!!! Blizzard town right now!!!
COME ON! Blizzard, town now!!! Blizzard town right now!!!
Blizzard, town now!!! Blizzard town right now!!!

Come on, spam!
Recruit online
If you recruit then you’re promoted
If you active then just do it
Don’t brag about it, let’s rise ACP!

Come on, spam

Recruit online
If you recruit then you’re promoted
If you active then just do it
Well it’s Saturday night and we on Blizzard
Wanna be promoted?, just watch! (come on!)

(blah blah chorus aooooow the end)


Ookey. That was crazy, I guess. 1322 words hand-typed, a week recapped, awesome stuff, posted earlier than normal- doesn’t this feel good!?

Thank you for reading this whole post or just scrolling all the way down to slime’s stuff of the week and reading it. Oh, and hi CPAC! Hope you found this useful.

I’ll be on vacation to AMERICA in exactly 4 days from now, I’ll be away for like 1-2 weeks so I won’t be posting this again in quite a while…

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Awesome and safe flight

    • 4 hour delay on the way to america. engine problem. 14 hours on the plane. it was 8 hours back but there was a lot of turbulence WHEN WE WERE IN THE MIDDLE! OF! THE! ATLANTIC! OCEAN!

  2. good luck and try not to get bad airplane food 😛

  3. Yay

  4. Ooo fahtastic. Hope you have a great time there Slime<3

  5. 26. CP Illuminati #still laughing

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