Soldier of the Month – FEBRUARY 2015!

Greetings, bonjour and smello to all.

Are you ready? I know you’re ready. Sorry for the wait, but now… here is the new AWESOME soldier of the month who has worked hard during the harsh month of February- 2015!

And for the usual, drumroll pleaseeee…


Firedingo! Congratulations! But why did you get soldier of the month?

  • Even though you weren’t able to go on your computer during the whole of February, you still managed to attend events every week and perform tactics!

  • You have been super active and loyal

  • You are very interactive on chat too!

    What do you get?

    • Your name is shown on the top of the site

    • You get temporary owner for 2 days

    • Ooh, and this trophy!..

Good job, Fire! Sorry we couldn’t give you a promotion, we need the moderator ranks to be balanced and not overflow.

But I promise, as long as you are active this month you will definitely be promoted for the March promotions 😉

If you guys want to get soldier of the month, try:

  1. Recruiting – chat recruiting or CP recruiting
  2. Being nice to new troops
  3. Not causing arguments on chats
  4. Not breaking any rules
  5. Being active by attending many events and being interactiveon chat
  6. Having fun!

Well there you have it, troops! Who shall be the next soldier of the month? Be as active and as loyal as you can!


3 Responses

  1. I was about to say inb4 the rage comments… Then I saw there was already one there. Good for the self esteem…

  2. stop deleting my comment owners i deserved this

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