Armija par Klubs Pingvīns Kopsavilkums #37 9-15 Marts

Heya, ACP soldiers! Purple Slime4, your ACP 2ic & mad libs host, here. Welcome to my ACP recap: this is ACP Recap #37 – And so it’s peaceful again. So sit down, buckle up your eyes to this post and READ, READ, READ!

Don’t forget, the soldiers of the week will be on this post! Actually, I’ll do it right here so everyone can see!

Soldiers of the week 9-15 March

UK: Nuclearpower

USA: Jdwwjd

AUSIA: Dw2608

Take your trophies!


Ok let’s get started.


What events and things have happened this week? Look here.

Sunday, 9th of March

News/recap of the day

And so another awesome ACP week begins. Events were scheduled, loaded with trainings and such. Also, Mchappy reblogged from his cheats site a post showing the new pin on CP! Thanks, Mchappy! I’m too lazy to find pins nowadays. CP really makes it a challenge.




Click HERE for Mchappy’s post showing the new pin on CP and its location!


Monday, 10th of March

News/recap of the day

Today, no posts were posted and no news happened however there was a European (or just mainly UK) tactic session. The turnout was great and there were some very nice sizes and tactics! Some tactics were advanced too, which was awesome!


UK/European Force Tactic Session



Sizes: 20-25+

Tactic rating:

Medals: 4




Tuesday, 11th of March (Happy birthday to meeee)

News/recap of the day

Nothing! Aw man.






Wednesday, 12th of March

News/recap of the day

Once again, nothing happened. But I did post my second last ACP recap today! That’s something… right?




Click HERE for my second-last ACP recap!


Thursday, 13th of March

News/recap of the day

Nothing againnn






Friday, 14th of March

News/recap of the day

Woohoo! Today, the AUSIA force had a fantastic recruiting/drilling session that had an amazing turnout. They averaged sizes of 25-30 and maxed 37 penguins on CP, which is awesome for an AUSIA force! There were also great tactics in this event.


AUSIA Recruiting/Drilling Session

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 8.24.32 PM

aw yesss

Sizes: 25-30+

Tactic rating: 8.9/10

Medals: 4




Saturday, 15th of March

News/recap of the day

Today was the day we were all waiting for this week – it was the day where the Semi-finals of the March madness CPAC tournament was held. We fought all the way up to the Semi-finals and now we faced the Light Troops- typical, huh? I mean, we hate each other! But anyway, we fought hard and obviously won. Simples. We rocked it with sizes of 40+ including lockouts and excellent tactics. Also today, Alexa posted her poll of the week again. Yayzies!


USA/UK (Weekend) Force CPAC March Madness Tournament Semi Finals VS Light Troops [Win]



Sizes: 40+

Tactic rating: 9.1/10

Medals: 5


Click HERE for Alexa’s poll of the week post!



UK Force

Current average size: 25+

Performance rating: 8.9/10

USA Force

Current average size: 20-25

Performance rating: 8.8/10


Current average size: 25+

Performance rating: 9/10

ALTOGETHER:  25.7/30

LAST TIME: 17.7/30


ACP‘s week in numbers

We had 3 successful events this week – 1 more than last week! We had 1 AUSIA event, 1 UK/USA event, 0 USA events and 1 UK event. Better than last week!

The highest sizes we’ve reached this week were up to about 40+ during the UK/USA CPAC March Madness Round 2 Semi finals vs LT! Last weeks biggest sizes were up to 40+ – again!

9 posts were posted throughout the week. 7 less posts than last week…

The average amount of views we got this week on the site were 724 views. 311 less views than last week!

30 people joined ACP this week – 6 less than last week. Welcome, all! Including Elmikey…




  • A “butt” was a Medieval unit of measure for wine.
  • Ashrita Furman holds 179 Guinness World Records, which is a Guinness World Record!
  • 97% of people say “fith” instead of “fifth”.
  • Food takes 7 seconds to go from the mouth to the stomach.
  • The difference between a “gift” and a “present” is that a present must be “presented.”
  • YouTube will freeze a popular video’s view counts at 301 while it verifies that the views are legitimate (no bots).
  • Every two minutes, we take as many photos as all of humanity took during the 1800s.
  • Pineapples were such a status symbol in 18th century England that you could rent one for the evening to take to a party.
  • There are still 5 people living who were born in the 1800s.
  • Yahoo is more popular than Google in Japan.
  • When Star Wars came out, France was still using the guillotine to execute people.
  • The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.
  • Carrots used to be purple (yay!).
  • The “french” in french fries actually describes the way the spuds are sliced, not their country of origin.

Weird search terms

  • club penguin pufflepark
  • kermant appearance cst club penguin
  • earn it
  • kermit the frog on club penguin uk timezone
  • army doing the right thing
  • battle strategy
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  • army uniform
  • club penguin item adder 2007
  • dysp/acp uniform
  • pb 08 thar club
  • revolverf army p. c. p. cal 4,5
  • club penguin meeting cat puffle and dog puffle
  • 2014 army major promotion list
  • we work for it not earn it
  • club penguin legs



Hope you enjoyed my recap! 😀 Stay active, guys. Don’t forget that promotions are soon!


7 Responses

  1. It’s 2608, you should fix it xD

  2. Nice recap Slime 😀 I gonna try my hardest to get solider of the week nest week, challenge accepted 😛

  3. I ruined the UK event photo by not doing the E+D suns I accept any cruel or unusual punishment.

  4. Do I get a trophe? >:-)

  5. Where are my trophies at If so

  6. yes. thank you slime

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