Armeest Klubi Pingviin Summeerimine #36 || 2-8 Märts ||


Hey hey ACP,

Purple Slime4, your ACP 2ic and UK force co-leader here: Welcome to my ACP recap! This is ACP Recap #36 – War is ashore (yet again), and it was what we asked for! And today’s random language on the title is Estonian.

Alright! That’s all I have to say today for my uncreative introduction. Readers, do your thing.

2-8 March!


Congratulations to….

UK: I Am Kicky!

USA: Aeropos!

AUSIA: Ashishgarg!

Collect your trophies, guys

Ashigarg – AUSIA soldier of the week 2-8 March

I Am Kicky – UK soldier of the week 2-8 March

Aeropos – USA soldier of the week 2-8 March

Sunday, 2nd of March

–News/recap of the day–

Today, well, pretty much a lot of things happened. It started with our weekend force (UK/USA on Saturdays, Sundays and perhaps Fridays) having an event – but it wasn’t just any normal event! We were fighting in the CPAC March Madness tournament: round 1, against Metal Warriors. However before the battle, Metal Warriors swapped with a recreated ‘army’ called Hot Sauce Army. Basically, it was just full of ACP haters and ACP hating armies. We fought HSA, and lost. But, we fought against CPAC’s statement and won. We won the battle. And since that made HSA upset, obviously a war would happen. It did. We declared war on… Army Republic… unexpected, huh? Well yes. Army Republic. Why? They were apparently planning a war on us and also so we could seek revenge from what they did to us in 2013… (they declared war on us during a very bad situation). So good move, ACP leaders. Oh wait, there’s more! The news of the war spread around the CP army community quickly and in no time whatsoever, armies were joining ours and AR’s side. Who was on AR’s side? HSA, LT, Golds and Water Vikings. Who was on our side? DCP, RPF, IW, SWAT, UMA and RF. KABOOM. So invasions and defences were all scheduled and another day full of drama(?) awaits.

Erm, oh. Promotions were posted too.


UK/USA (Weekend) Force CPAC March Madness Tournament Battle Round 1 VS HSA


We love you HSA (not).

Sizes: 35-40+

Tactic rating: 9.4/10

Medals: 5


Click HERE for the February 2014 promotions post! Congratsies to everyone who got promoted!

Click HERE for our declaration of war post on the Army Republic. Dun dun dunnnn.

Click HERE for the post announcing the new alliances of the war. Us and our forces are in the alliance called the Nations of Domination while the enemy alliance is called the New Regime Alliance. Poop’s about to go real.


Monday, 3rd of March

–News/recap of the day–

Day 1: NOD vs NRA. We posted ‘operation buster’ – an events post packed with invasions against Army Republic. Our alliance allies scheduled invasions for the alliance enemies and so the war was set. The first event in the war was the defence of one of our servers. I couldn’t find any good source of what happened since the HSA site was cleared out (since it died recently) and we didn’t post about it. However from what I’ve seen, we lost that defence.


The NRA alliance, that were currently consisted of LT, HSA, Golds and AR officially surrendered. But why? Well to be honest I am not sure! Our announcement post didn’t mention any reason why… The thing is though, they surrendered. ARGH! Just like that darn DW war last week, remember? It lasted just one day. What if ACP is jinxed with a 1-day curse? Jeez, that wouldn’t be nice. Anyway, the Nation of Domination alliance won and we all agreed to a treaty with NRA that states that we get most of their servers. Woohoo!




Click HERE for my second last ACP recap!

Click HERE for the post announcing NRA’s surrender!


Tuesday, 4th of March:

–News/recap of the day–

No events happened today but Shaboomboom, who is one of our former leaders, posted the new chat rules. Oooooooh.




Click HERE for Shab’s post showing the new chat rules


Wednesday, 5th of March

–News/recap of the day–

No events happened today again and once again there was one post. Foxtails, who is known as Alexa on chat, posted her first ‘poll of the week’ post for our site. Which is very nice since I’m out of ideas for my polls!




Click HERE for Alexa’s first poll of the week post!


Thursday, 6th of March

–News/recap of the day–

Nothin’ pretty much happened today. Oh well!






Friday, 7th of March

–News/recap of the day–

Nope, still nothing’s happening.






Saturday, 8th of March

–News/recap of the day–

Today, we finally had an event! Yes, and that event was actually pretty nice. We fought the Chaos of CP for the CPAC March Madness tournament ROUND 2! And of course, we won. Hell yeah. Chaos was a no show (of course) and we did some amazing tactics & formations with sizes of 30-35+, maxing around 40+! Wowzah! Also today, Foxtails posted another poll of the week post. Groovy.


UK/USA (Weekend) Force CPAC March Madness Tournament Round 2 VS Chaos 



Sizes: 30-35+

Tactic rating: 9.5/10

Medals: 7


Click HERE for Foxtails’ second last poll of the week post!


UK Force

Current average size: 20-25+

Performance rating: 8.8/10

USA Force

Current average size: 20-25

Performance rating: 8.9/10


Current average size: ???

Performance rating: 0/10





We had 2 successful events this week – 4 less than last week. We had 0 AUSIA events, 2 UK/USA events, 0 USA events and 0 UK events. Yikes.

The highest sizes we’ve reached this week were up to about 40+ during the UK/USA CPAC March madness tournament round 1 event vs HSA! Last weeks biggest sizes were up to 30-35+.

16 posts were posted throughout the week. 2 less posts than last week!

The average amount of views we got this week on the site were 1035 views. 1167 less views 142 than last week!

36 people joined ACP this week – 21 less than last week. Welcome, all!



Facts (I bloody hope these are real, twitter + sorry for the short amount of facts)

  • 10% of people have admitted to committing violence against their computers for freezing.
  • 20% of all Google searches done daily have never been done before.
  • The Eiffel Tower is painted approximately once every 7 years and requires nearly 50 tons of paint each time.
  • The average human brain is equivalent to a 2.5 million gigabyte hard drive.
  • We unlock our smartphone around 110 times each day.

Weird search terms

  • lemon army club penguin
  • signups for club penguin army club
  • Idrago125
  • incoming
  • reason demoted army
  • club penguin oringe10
  • did senate president joined acp party
  • club penguin cracks
  • cp army free
  • recruiter soldier of the month
  • maharashtra acp uniform photo
  • black army of cp .com


If superman had a gopro camera…


Hope you enjoyed my ACP Recap. 11 days late again! I’ve got to spend more time working on these posts…


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