[Gendarmerie] Abominable U-Lead/Tactic Session Results

Hello ACP,

Tonight, the Ausia division logged on for a Tactics Session, we did great! Our tactics were awesome and our sizes were fabulous too. The soldiers also helped out and did a few tactics themselves! We managed to averaged 14.

Now for the results:

e8 sick faces

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My apologies

Hello, ACP! I wanted to make a quick post in which I would like to apologize for my mistake done some time ago. I banned the bot with a cuss word as the reason, and I’m sorry for the inconveniences I caused. I did not wish to offend anybody with is, and I’m very sorry. I was in a rather hard situation as the bot started kicking/banning everyone on that chat and that got my nerves up.

Have a nice day, ACP!

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[Garrison] Training Session

Hello ACP,

Today the Garrison Division logged in to do some training in case the war starts up again. We were able to max around 30 and had really great tactics. Then we had a YouLead which was a lot of fun for the troops. The pictures are below:




Got you Money Guy heheh. Anyway, good job out there Garrison Division! Comment to receive 3 medals!



*Make Sure to Read the Events Post Below*

Hello everyone, it has been an exciting week with votes drifting throughout. To give you an idea, there were 81 accepted votes, 33 voters (18 Retired, 15 Ranked), 15 candidates (people who got at least 1 vote), and 5 winners.

So, let’s get to the results! For the first time ever the winner, with 17 votes, is non-human. Give a round of applause for the… Continue reading

Events For This Week

   Hello ACP!

Seeing as the war is over, these are the events for the following week. Let’s take back our number one spot, it is crucial that you make sure you attend as much events as you can.

US and UK events will be added as soon as possible.

Comment what events you can make!

[Australia/Asia], [USA], [UK]Wednesday February 26th

Friday February 28th

[AUSIA] U-Lead Session

Server: TBA, Room: Forts

Times: 8:00 pm JST // 11:00 am GMT (UK) // 6:00 am EST // 5:00 am CST // 4:00 am MST // 3:00 am PST //


Server: Big Foot || Room: Snow Forts

Times:  3:00 pm EST // 2:00 pm CST // 1:00 pm MST // 12:00 pm PST // 8:00 pm GMT (UK) //


Server: Fjord || Room: Snow Forts 

Times: 8:00 PM EST/ 7:00 PM CST/ 6:00 PM MST/ 5:00 PM PST


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War has ended

Please stand by for an official post later today

[Garrison] Invasion of Slushy- Victory!

Hello ACP,

In our first match up against the DW, the ACP successfully invaded Slushy! Welcome Slushy to our Nation, we won’t be giving it up anytime soon. We were able to max around 30 today with fairly good tactics. DW logged off about 10 minutes before the 30 minutes were up and we claimed victory on the Berg. Great job out there, ACP!

ecececacp Lol EPEPEPACP



It was an intense battle up until the end, where we were able to secure a victory. Comment if you came! And don’t forget about the rewards that you can win by the end of this war!


[UK] Mods Attendance Sheet#1

All mods are required to comment to receive a clover, the mods with the least amount of clovers will be demoted.

Members that attended, please comment as well.

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Hello ACP,

Today we had an extraordinary battle with the Dark Warriors, at first, in the beginning of the pre-battle, our sizes were even, however within the next 30 minutes, we outnumbered them and they had to log-off earlier as you will see in the pictures from the forts. We averaged 30+. Congratulations ACP!


DW logging off only 20 minutes after


Prebattle, only some ACP logged on so far, yet sizes are even.


The DW follows us in the Berg, where they can’t organise and falls back to Snow Forts


We chant: “LOST SIZE?”


We crush the Dark Warriors in the Snow Forts


The Dark Warriors lose a lot of size, their rogues are probably leaving. Only a few minutes before they panicked and logged off!


Crushing them- size picture.

Comment to receive 5 medals!

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Incentives for the War|| ACP RF’s Importance

Hello ACP,

It has been 5 months since we invaded enemy territory. It has been 5 months since we’ve pitted our strength against the might of another army. And 5 months later, we face our same enemy. But this time around, we will have a decisive victory in this war. In order for this to happen, we will need the cooperation from every single troop. And what’s the best way to get people to cooperate? Rewards. And not-so-much rewards.

For the week of February 4th-March 2nd, the following are in effect:

  • De-Mod Week This is a little different compared to an Unmod week. De-mod week only applies to those currently active in the ACP. If you miss the majority of this week’s battles, you will most likely get demoted to Major.
  • M.V.S– Most valuable soldier award. It’s basically the soldier of the week, except now you get an award along with it. You’ll receive rewards according to your rank. E.G (Mods get temp owner, members temp mod etc)
  • Temp Mod– ACP is in a shortage of moderators as of late. The 3 best members from the US and UK divisions will receive temp mod, regardless of your rank. If you prove you can handle modship, it will become permanent.
  • ACP RF– The person who recruits the most will receive temp-owner. You will be checked on to confirm you are recruiting. Anyone who is caught lying about how long they recruited will not be eligible for this reward. You must be in the ACP RF to be eligible.

Promotion day is also coming up, so now is your chance to get that promo you’ve been looking for! If I were you, I’d take advantage of this great opportunity!


ACP RF: (ACP Recruiting Force)

Not too many people recognize how important the ACP RF is. Every new recruit that joins the ACP is a direct result of the ACP RF. The rise of the U.S division depended on how hard the RF recruited. The reason ACP was first for 3 weeks straight (with virtually no competition) was because of the RF’s determination. And now, the RF is needed more than ever.

To those already enlisted in the RF: ACP’s fate lies in your hands. What you do will determine the outcome of this war. It’s very simple. If no effort is put in, then we will most likely lose our Nation. If effort is put in, expect a victory. You carry ACP. Be proud of that and keep working forth. Check the site for more information.

To the ACP: Now is your chance to show your commanding officers how strong of a soldier you are. This is your chance to show how much you care about the ACP. If every single one of you dedicates a little bit of time to just attend each battle, then we will surely win. Show the DW who the greatest soldiers in history are. Show us what you are made of. History will be made this week, I am sure of it. But that all depends on you.

Do you want to win and become a World Power? Or do you want to drop back down to the puny army we used to be? Your choice. You pick.