Armeija Klubi Pingviini Kertaus || Joulukuu 15-21||

-slime had no time to do the ACP Recap thingie-

Hey there, ACP! Purple Slime here again for my weekly ACP Recap! This is ACP Recap #25 – Just another week.

Today’s language on the post is Finnish, and I bet you know which country that language is from. Yep, Finland. Anyway, I better stop posting over my deadline. And I really should stop fussing about being over the deadline too many times.

So, this is my 25th ACP Recap post so far. Let’s celebrate with a good ol’ ACP Recap post – earlier than usual and a bit more ‘pzzazz’ (actually it’s just another normal post, hehe) Well, what are you waiting for? Read more!

dum dum dadummm!

Sunday, 15th of December:

Today bought a bit of a sad start to the week, but in a way, a good one too. Today at 8pm UK, we the ACP fought RPF for the CPAC Christmas Chaos Semi Finals. However, we lost. But that didn’t let us down! We had super-awesome tactics and great sizes of up to 40! The winner, RPF, then went to face DW for the finals then won after  a huge debate.

USA/UK CPAC Christmas Chaos Tournament Semi-Finals VS RPF


feel the wrath of the CLOVER!

Sizes: 30+

Tactic rating: 9.3/10

Medals: 6


Monday, 16th of December:

Today was a usual day with some nice events, as for always! There was an excellent Moderator-lead AUSIA event with sizes of 10-15+ and awesome tactics. There was also another great USA Force event with sizes of around 17 and awesome tactics too! Where’s the UK Force, though?

AUSIA Recruiting/Tactic Session

love is in the airrr

Sizes: 10-15+

Tactic rating: 8.8/10

Medals: 2


USA Recruiting Session


EW? EW!?? Well isn’t that mean.

Sizes: 15+

Tactic rating: 8.5/10

Medals: 3


Tuesday, 17th of December:

As the site was starting to get pretty inactive, and as there were not many events, nothing interesting really happened today. But, there was another good USA Force Recruiting Session today with sizes of 15 and nice tactics!

USA Recruiting Session


What’s that smelly smelly smell that smells… smelly…? Oh it’s the USA Force, of course..

Sizes: 14-15+

Tactic rating: 8.9/10

Medals: 3


Wednesday, 18th of December:

No news or events today.


Thursday, 19th of December:

Wowzah! It’s like a rewind tape (or whatever it is). Today there was another AUSIA and USA event, oh and there was a UK event too! They were all successful – check ’em out:

AUSIA Tactic Session

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 8.28.05 PM

Rockin around the Christmas tree at the A-C-P event!

Sizes: 14-15

Tactic rating: 8.9/10

Medals: 2


UK Recruiting Session


Sizes: Around 30

Tactic rating: ???

Medals: 3


USA Training/Ulead Session


Cawfee. One word: Cawfee.

Sizes: Around 12

Tactic rating: 8.9/10

Medals: 3


Friday, 20th of December:

Week’s going quick, huh?

Well, today we had a… uh, what do you think? Another AUSIA event! And that’s all. Today, there were also a couple of posts that were posted. Slider posted a post to do with a famous Youtube account’s charity livestream, asking to donate money. Good post, Slider!  Buckley, the UK Force’s temp 3ic, posted the results of the UK event this Tuesday. Yer’ late, Buckley!

AUSIA Recruiting Session


Sizes: 10-15

Tactic rating: 8.9/10

Medals: 3


Click HERE for Slider’s Yogcast Charity Stream post! Donate if you like!


Saturday, 21st of December (1 year anniversary since the end of the world!):

Today was….

I think you’d know by now!

Another AUSIA event! Only event of he day, AGAIN! Wowzies, whatever happened to the other forces?

Okay, today there were also some more posts that were posted. I posted last week’s ACP Recap (on a Saturday! 6 days late! Bad Slime!) and Jerry, ACP’s USA Force leader, posted a Recap of what USA events that weren’t posted happened this week. And lastly, Flipmoo and Splasher (ACP’s main AUSIA leaders) posted that they will be absent as Flipmoo will be moving to America for some time and Splasher had a vacation. But they’re back now. Yayzies.

AUSIA Recruiting Session

Here goes another AUSIA event!

Sizes: 10-15+

Tactic rating: 8.6/10

Medals: 3


Click HERE for last week’s ACP Recap by me!

Click HERE for Jerry’s USA Recap post!

Click HERE for Splasher’s post announcing the leave!


UK Force-

Current average size: 25+

Performance rating: 8.9/10

USA Force-

Current average size: 10-15+

Performance rating: 7.9/10

AUSIA Force-

Current average size: 10-15+

Performance rating: 8.2/10

Altogether: 25/30 

Last time: 26.9/30


The highest sizes we reached this week was up to 35-40 during the CPAC Tourney VS RPF this week!

We had 9 nice events this week – 5 less than last week! There were 1 UK one, 4 AUSIA ones, 3 USA ones and 1 USA/UK one!

14 posts were posted this week – 4 less than last week!

Exactly 20 recruits joined ACP throughout the week. Welcome, guys!


Ok, since I had to leave there’s no Slime’s stuff of the week. Sorry. I’m leaving on holiday now and I am not posting late again! Returning on Sunday!


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