Kulüp Penguen Ordusu’nun Kaplamak||8-14 Aralık||

Slime’s lil’ test: Don’t look at the link of this post… 

Heyhey, ACP! It’s your ACP 2ic, Purp here for another one of my ACP Recaps! It’s ACP Recap #24 Another week, another beginning! Oh yes, and today’s special language used for the title is you know it… Turkish! So anyway, let’s start the post. I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you..

The realness of this is just so unreal.. but real..

Sunday, 8th of December

Today made a great start for ACP’s week. ACP’s awesome-new 3ic system has been announced, where ACP’s highest mods will receive temporary 3ic then when it’s time up, another high moderator goes as temporary 3ic. Apart from this, ACP had yet another great victory during the CPAC Christmas cup. After winning round 1 against SWAT, we fought UMA and won with great sizes of 30 and epic tactics! Lastly today, despite the unimpressed AUSIA Sizes from last week, Splasher posted an AUSIA Round-up that recapped what events AUSIA had that week.


UK/USA CPAC Christmas Cup Tournament Round 2 VS UMA [W]



Sizes: 25-30

Tactic rating: 9.6/10

Medals: 5


Click HERE for Flipmoo’s post introducing ACP’s new temporary 3ic system! Ooh, you high mods are up for something great!

Click HERE for Splasher’s post, recapping last week’s AUSIA events. Hopefully AUSIA has done better this week!

Click HERE for my ACP Recap from two weeks ago! Wow, I am always over the deadline when posting these.


Monday, 9th of December:

Today was the first AUSIA event since Flipmoo returned after his long exams. And what do you know? AUSIA has rose once again! Our once-again rising force had a Training session, a Tactic Session, a Ulead and a Practice Battle all together, battling an unknown water ninja army. What an event that was…


AUSIA Multi-Session

Ausia’s back to the beans!

Sizes: 15+

Tactic rating: 8.8/10

Medals: 3


No interesting posts were posted on this day.


Tuesday, 10th of December:

Today was another good day for ACP. What do you expect? There was another nice AUSIA Trainng today with sizes of 20+ and good tactics while there was a pretty good USA Recruiting with sizes of around 15 and a great tactic!


AUSIA Training Session

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 8.14.57 PM

AUSIA’s amused

Sizes: 20-24

Tactic rating: 8.8/10

Medals: 3


USA Recruiting Session

E2 smiles

Woo recruit them recruits, USA!

Sizes: 15+

Tactic rating: 8.8/10

Medals: 3


No interesting posts today either.. not this again!


Wednesday, 11th of December:

Today, there were no successful AUSIA or UK events today however our good ol’ USA Force had a Practice Battle with the Dark Warriors. However, they lost. Good try though, USA Force! You’ve shown some good signs of increase. With sizes of 15+ and awesome tactics, I say it was pretty close.

USA Practice Battle VS DW [L]


Move over DW, we’ve got clovers!

Sizes: 15+

Tactic rating: 9/10

Medals: 4


No interesting posts were posted today.. again!


Thursday, 12th of December:

Today was well, you would already know. Our AUSIA Force had another epic-event – A tactic session with sizes of 15+ and good tactics! And although the UK Force had a decrease in events, they managed to have a successful Recruiting Session today with sizes of around 25+ and a jaw-dropping E+T tactic!


AUSIA Tactic Session

Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 8.10.17 PM


Sizes: 14-17

Tactic rating: 8.9/10

Medals: 3


UK Recruiting Session

THE WHOLE TOWN STINKS!…. of awesomeness

Sizes: 25+

Tactic rating: 9.7/10

Medals: 3


No interesting posts posted today.


Friday, 13th of December (DUN DUN DUNNN):

I don’t think Friday the 13th is an unlucky day at all. I think you’d see why. Today, the AUSIA Force (yep, again!) had a Fun-Recruiting Session with sizes of 15+ and impressive tactics while the UK Force, going strong, had a Recruiting/Tactic/Ulead Session with great sizes of 20+ and great tactics too!


AUSIA (Fun!) Recruiting Session

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 8.31.01 PM


Sizes: 14-17

Tactic rating: 8.9/10

Medals: 3


UK Recruiting/Tactic/Ulead Session

rage with beauty, uk force

Sizes: 20+

Tactic rating: 8.7/10

Medals: 3




Saturday, 14th of December:

Whoa whoa, I have a lot to say about this! Today, all of our wonderful forces had such wonderful events today. Plus, oh, well.. bad news actually. Wao wao waooo. Jerry posted a post naming all the mods that have been demoted, and are on the risk of demotion. Moderators, check THAT post! Anyway, for the events: firstly, the AUSIA Force had a rad Recruiting Session with surprising sizes of up to 27 and the UK Force pulled off another epic Recruiting Session with sizes of 35-40+! Wow, what a day! And lastly, the USA Force had a semi-unscheduled Ulead with sizes of around 20. All events had very good tactics. Nice day, huh?


AUSIA Recruiting Session

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 8.01.35 PM

pic y u so tiny

Sizes: 22-25+

Tactic rating: 8.4/10

Medals: 3


UK Recruiting Session



Sizes: 35-40+

Tactic rating: 9.7/10

Medals: 3


USA Semi-Unscheduled Ulead


Why is that pink penguin sniffing that Jerry’s butt.

Sizes: Around 20

Tactic rating: 8.8-9/10

Medals: 3


Click HERE for Jerry’s post announcing the demoted mods of the month!

Click HERE for last week’s ACP Recap by meee!


UK Force-

Current average size: 25-30+

Performance rating: 9.3/10

USA Force-

Current average size: 20+

Performance rating: 8.8/10

AUSIA Force-

Current average size: 15-20+

Peformance rating: 8.8/10

Altogether this week:

Last week:


Ah, a very nice increase this week! As from last week, it seems like the AUSIA force has increased in good sizes since Flipmoo came back. Last week there were only sizes of 5-10, but now there’s sizes of 15-20+! Very nice, AUSIA. For the UK Force, there’s been a slight increase too as there have been many good Recruiting sessions with sizes of more than 25-30 on CP. Great, UK! And for the USA Force, they’ve been having consistent sizes which I like. With sizes of 20+, we actually have a very good USA Force! Keep it comin’, USA!


18 posts were posted this week – 7 more than last week! Groovy.

We had 12 awesome events this week – 4 more than last week, fabulous! There were 3 USA ones, 3 UK ones, 5 AUSIA ones and 1 UK/USA one! Whoa.

The largest sizes we got this week was up to 45 during one of the UK Recruiting Sessions this week. Noice. Last week was only up to 30!

21 people joined ACP this week. Welcome you guys! That’s 4 more new recruits than last week.

The average views we had throughout this week was 551 views. Oooh lala!




  • The average human produces 25,000 quarts of spit in a lifetime — Enough to fill two swimming pools.
  • About 71 million pounds of chocolate are consumed on Easter every year.
  • When the golf ball was introduced in 1848, it was called a “gutta-percha.”
  • Only after 8 years of inventing a telephone, in 1884, the first prank call was made.
  • There’s a lake named Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg, located near Webster, Massachusetts.
  • More iPhones are sold every day than people are born.
  • The name of a Tetris block called a ‘Tetromino.’
  • 7% of Americans think Elvis is still alive.
  • A flea can jump 350 times its body length. It’s like a human jumping the length of a football field.
  • Humans can survive indefinitely on a diet of just potatoes and butter.
  • The fear of everything is called ‘Panophobia’.
  • The earth weighs around 6,585,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons.
  • The final words spoken by Apple founder Steve Jobs were “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”, as revealed by his sister.
  • One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds in the world.
  • Martin Cooper invented the first mobile phone in 1973. It weighed 2.5 pounds, had a talk time of 30 minutes and took 10 hours to recharge.
  • Every day 20 banks are robbed. The average take is $2,500.
  • The first item ever sold on Internet was a pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut.

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Poll of the week – results from last week

What’s your favourite condiment?

Ketchup: 9

Mustard: 1

Chutney: 1

Mayonnaise: 2

Other: 3 – Brown sauce: 2, Condoms: 1 (lolwut)

Poll of the week


Hope you enjoyed my ACP Recap! Sorry for the short stuff of the week part. It was pretty late for me when I had to do that! Anyway, cya next week for my next ACP recap!


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  1. thanks for the Turkish title, it’s my second language

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  3. Oh nice post I enjoyed it and also I was rather excited to hear the Turkish title because my dad is Turkish so yeah lol 😀

  4. How do you join

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