US Event Recap

Hey ACP,

Since I didn’t have the time to post the results of every event on the day we had them, I decided to just compile them into one post! So here you have it, 3 results in one post.

Recruiting Session [Tuesday]

ettd Cloversforacp

In this recruiting session, we maxed about 15 and performed great tactics! And we were able to gain a few recruits directly from this event. Great job everyone! Comment to receive 3 medals.

Wednesday [Break!]

Break day, because we all deserve one. 🙂

Thursday [Training/YouLead]



In the day before our PB against IW, we prepared with a YouLead Training Session. We maxed about 12 and had near to perfect tactics. Caitlyn led the event and did a great job, as well as our members and everyone who participated in the event! Comment to receive 3 medals.

Practice Battle vs. Ice Warriors

Caking E7WINKS fowers Pufflings


Friday was the big day for the U.S division. Although our sizes were on the smaller side, we had very great tactics that kept IW from taking a huge lead. All in all, we did a decent job. We maxed around 15. Now, there’s a huge factor that led to us having smaller sizes than usual. And that’s the lack of activity from our mods. I have already fired a bunch so I’m guessing the message isn’t coming through to some of our mods. So once again, this Sunday there will be more demotions and then we’ll be promoting some members to Lieutenant Colonel. Members, take this opportunity to show us your potential! And for the mods: You have been warned. Comment to receive 5 medals if you came! 


4 Responses

  1. Came to all the US events, should be up to 15 medals now. Danke! :3


  2. Very nice – good job USA Force! You guys are rockin’ those tactics!

  3. I was there for all three.

  4. I came to all 3 🙂

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