[USA/UK][5] New Years Eve Recruiting Results!

 USA/UK Division New Years Eve Recruiting Results

Averaged Size: 26

Greetings, ACP! Today we had a fun recruiting event where at the end people tried to chance me all over the place. 😆 We were able to get a few recruits to join, which is always a great thing! Great job to those who attended, and make sure to comment to receive your 3 medals!


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Event Result

Hello there, ACP! Today we’ve held a great training session on Breeze! We’ve averaged 30-35 on it and had amazing tactics. Congratulations, soldiers!








As you can see, our tactics were perfect. Congratulations, this event was amazing. I am proud of you.

Leader Signature

Senate Sign-Ups

Hello, it’s Nnpingwin here.

As the Year of 2014 is just beyond us, we are going to call the next general elections for the senate of the DRACP. If you are above the rank of Sergeant and you think you’re ready to hold the seat of the ACP Senate, we gently ask you to sign up!

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Recruiting + Gaming Session – Happy New Year! [AUSIA] [5]

Hey ACP! 

We had a short recruiting session followed by a gaming session today. Maximum size was around 13. Good job to everyone who came- most fun event I’ve had in a while. *wary*

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[RESOLVED]Giving an Ultimatum to the Rebel Penguin Federation


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New Division Emblems

Greetings, ACP!

Sercan, Jerry and I decided to use these new emblems to represent each of our divisions. Although they are from a Japanese anime called Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin (Do not watch if your can’t handle grotesque/violent images), they represent our divisions to some extent, therefore we wanted to try them out.

Comment on what you guys think of these new emblems!

Also, today is Sercan’s birthday! Happy birthday Serc! 😀

New Years Eve Promotions! [December 2013]

Hey ACP,

If you don’t know me, this is Obama81000/Bigmail your 3ic, this is my first post on the site since I’ve been elected for 3ic. This whole month and year was a blast. It’s sad to see 2013 go, but it’s time for a new year, 2014! I hope all of you had a great Christmas, because it’s not over yet! Today, we are presenting promotions to the active ones in ACP! If you’re new and you don’t know what a promotion is in ACP, a promotion is a boost in the ranks for a specific reason, and in ACP’s reasons, it’s because your activeness and loyalty got you a promotion. Thank you for serving the most best army on Clubpenguin soldiers.

 photo acppromos_zps3edd12ca.png

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Hey ACP, Purp here! Returned from holiday. Today at 8pm UK, the awesome ACP had a celebration. Why? Because we won the War VS The Light Troops! We had a Ulead on the server Breeze and did many great tactics and emotes. Thanksies to all the soldiers who lead – you guys did good! We also did a couple of tactics from the owners which were great too! We had sizes of 20+, averaging 24 throughout the whole event and had 3 full chats – groovy. We wished Sercan a happy birthday during the event too!

Read more for the pics taken by Flipmoo, Sofia and more!


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Hello, 2014! [EVENTS]

Hey ACP!

It’s hard to believe that the year is already coming to an end! We got off with quite a rough start early this year, but now we’ve clearly rebounded, winning many wars straight and establishing ourselves as a power to be reckoned with once again. Let’s finish this year on a strong note and enter 2014 as the dominant power!

Note: Monday AUSIA event that was previously posted is cancelled because Splasher will not be able to attend it. 

❗ Owners, please add events ❗

Thursday, January 2nd 2014

[UK] Fun Event!

Server: TBA

Times: 3:00 pm EST // 2:00 pm CST // 1:00 pm MST // 12:00 pm PST // 8:00 pm GMT (UK) //

[AUSIA] Training + New Year Party!

Server: TBA

Times: AUSIA: 8:00 pm JST // 11:00 pm GMT (UK) // 6:00 am EST // 5:00 am CST // 4:00 am MST // 3:00 am PST 

[US] Recruiting Session

Server: BigFoot Town

Times: 7:00 pm EST// 6:00 pm CST// 5:00 pm MST// 4:00 pm PST

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Victory Parade

Victory Parade 

Sunday December 29th

Breeze [Starting in Town]

3:00 pm EST// 2:00 pm CST// 1:00 pm MST// Noon PST// 8:00 pm GMT/UK

After winning our war against the LT, I thought it would be great to have a parade in our Capital, Breeze. Make sure to wear the uniform, soldiers. Prizes will be given away at the end of the parade, so attend for your chance to win!