Soldier of the Month

Hey everyone! We’ll be reintroducing the award, Soldier of the Month, to ACP. Click “Read more” for more information regarding the reintroduced award, and how you can get it!

The Soldier of the Month award basically recognizes soldiers, who have gone above and beyond to help ACP out. This also is given to soldiers who have done an outstanding job. We’ll be giving out three Soldier of the Month awards each month. One will be given to one soldier from each of our three divisions – AUSIA, UK, and the USA.

We will be starting Soldier of the Month this following month. You have all of September to prove why you should get Soldier of the Month. All of the the owners will be watching to see who deserves the award. All ranks are eligible to get this award as well, so make sure to work hard! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment them below.


3 Responses

  1. First!

  2. I know I can’t give orders but please don’t change servers on battles or PBs because u guys changed servers and the room was so busy that I couldn’t get on my CP career will restart

  3. Good luck to all soldiers!

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