This week’s recap. (without weekend/for CPAC)

Hello there, ACP. I felt like I should make a post in which I will post our performance this week. Note that this post is aimed for CPAC, the events in the weekend will be added after an update.

Our week basically started with an unscheduled event in which Capn stated that we actually do better unscheduled. We maxed around 26 in it.




The next event after that, was a really successful one. We maxed 35 and averaged around 27! It was really great.

A quite groooovy E+2 tactic!

Heh, that was one good event. A bit too good for number one SMAC army, in the top 10 an army that reached 30 got second.


The next event we had a recruiting session, we logged on Avalanche. This was another really great event in which we maxed 30 and averaged 20. Tactics were great.


The next event was an AUSIAN success event, heck, our AUSIA division is the strongest CP Warfare has ever had.

We maxed 25 and averaged around 20 this event.


The next event was unscheduled, it was OK. We maxed 15 and averaged 10.



This event was an AUSIA one. It was the best AUSIA event this week. We maxed around 30 and averaged 20. Congratulations! Not to mention the perfect tactics.


Now the best event of the week, the first event our new leader Cas has led. We maxed 35 and had incredible tactics. What a start!





This week was much better one, and in my opinion, top 5 is an expectation . Great job guys! We showed what a lil’ bit of recruiting can do.

We will get 3rd-5th in the top 10. Congratulations, ACP! Glory awaits us.

Now, I am gonna talk about me. I am still currently in vacation, however, the last days. And I have returned to Istanbul, I am no longer needed to use lobby internet and I can be generally active. Woo! I will be returning home to completely full activeness on 27th August.

This was published before the event on Saturday&Sunday so the top ten maker has a chance to see it. (I wanted this to be published at least a day before, and I’ll edit in the event on Saturday and probably Sunday if the top 10 is not already on by the time)

P.S. Sorry, Purple, I had to post this at least one day before the top 10 was made, take it as a message for CPAC, and we were getting way too late with the initial post.


8 Responses

  1. 1st. and i wasnt there, sorry

  2. Yes

  3. It’s finezies, Sercan! Good post.

  4. Great job everyone! Keep up the good work, and keep on making me proud. I love the sizes.

    The surgery went well, and I am now home – resting. I’d come on chat now, but I’m feeling dizzy from all of the pain medications I’ve been getting. I’ll try to stop by on chat in the next 1-3 days. Maybe.

    Love you guys. ❤

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