Soldier of the Month

Hey everyone! We’ll be reintroducing the award, Soldier of the Month, to ACP. Click “Read more” for more information regarding the reintroduced award, and how you can get it!

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ACP Hosts Nachos on Breeze

Hello ACP,

Today we had a practice battle with the Nachos on Breeze, it was a lot of fun, and I’d like to thank them (most of them) for the good sportsmanship they showed during and after the battle. In my opinion, this is the sort of thing that we need to start doing a lot more.

Our troops engaged the Nachos at the Forts, and at the Town.  I was very pleased with everyone who came, and those who came have extra credit towards promotions tomorrow. We maxed 30+


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US Tactics Led By Cassius

Hello ACP!

Sorry I never posted this yesterday, after our event. A lot of chat drama happened last night, as you may or may not be aware of. Unfortunately I had to sort it all out, and therefore didn’t have enough time to write this up.

However, last night we had a Recruiting/Tactics event for our United States Soldiers.  Led by me, as the US owners didn’t appear.  We maxed 31 on CP.

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AUSIA 3 in 1 (PB/Recruiting/Training) Results

Greetings, ACP!

We were supposed to have a practice battle with the Ice Warriors, but it seems like they didn’t have the event posted on their site. They did log on, but they logged off before the battle began. It turned out to be a Recruiting Session in the beginning, then turned to a training session! We had so much fun today, I hope all of our events will be like this from now on! 😀 We maxed 30 troops and averaged 23! Great job ACP!


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Just a Little Announcement Part 2

Guess who’s back, back again.

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Our Sixth 30/35+ Recruiting/Tactics Event!

Hello ACP! 

Yet again, ACP has not disappointed me at all this week. You have proved what everyone else described as ”impossible”. We have had 30/35 maximum troops at 6 events this week.  This event in particular was a 31 max.

Here is yet another of our successful events – led mainly by myself and Purple Slime.

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AUSIA Division Results of a Scheduled Recruiting Session

(it’s a joke. we aren’t going to war. ahahahahaha.)

Greetings, ACP.

Once again, we had a nice event on Zipline, maxing 28 and averaging 22. Our former leader Flipper7706 paid us a visit as well! This event was lead by Flipmoo and Sercan with the help of Slippykicky and Lionzlover. Tomorrow we will have a practice battle with the Ice Warriors! It’s a promotion event, so make sure you come!


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Recruiting/ Training session results!

Hello ACP! Today we went on avalanche for training and also some recruiting. We maxed 30! Great Job! This event was mainly led by the one and only Cassius Brutus. Pictures are from Sercan, Mel and Mondo! Thanks :mrgreen:




Great job ACP! Comment if you came for 2 Medals! newacpsig

Another glorious event.

Hello there, ACP! I’m very proud to announce that our AUSIA division has achieved a size of 32 on CP! We averaged 20-25. Congratulations! This was purely AUSIA and a few UK since the event was at 11 am BST.

Here are the pictures:


Here we do a really nice tactic (E+8). Good job. Size is 22 since this was after a few minutes since logging on.


On this picture, there is another great tactic! Size is 32 on this one! This was at the middle of the event, our peak, hehe.


This is just a picture of us with a nice size on, around 10 minutes before logging off. Size is 29-30.


Another picture of us 5 minutes before logging off, yet again, 28-30 on CP.

Congratulations, guys. We have been rising really well, hitting 30 ONLY with our AUSIA division. No other army has such a powerful AUSIA division such as us, and we also have a strong UK/US division now that hits 35. Our hard work is paying off! 2 medals to everyone who attended the event, and also, do not forget that the promotion day is closing in!

Comment with pictures and tell us if you made it!



Hello, ACP! This is your 3ic, Sercan. I’m glad to post about our amazing recruiting season we’ve held on Avalanche. We maxed 35 and averaged 30 all the time. Most of you would say we had tons of rogues, however, after you see our pictures you will notice that everyone did the tactics!

So, here we start:


Here we are performing the surfboard tactic, it’s a new emote that can only be accesed VIA emote list and was added because of the current CP party.


In this picture, we are doing an E+F. Almost everybody did it, good job!


Another decent tactic, not perfect however.


Here we did an E+L, it was nice, good job!


Here we are chanting “ACP Forever”. This was really good, congratulations!


E+8, sick faces. This tactic was perfect.

As you can see, we’ve had 30+ in every picture and maxed 35. Let’s keep getting better and better! Congratulations, ACP!

As you can see, most of our tactics were near perfect! This is a nice start of the week, let’s hit 40 the next time! Once again, I congratulate you guys! Thanks for making the event!

Now, I would like to mention that I am finally back from vacation. It’s been a month since I’ve last been home. I’m glad to be back on normal schedule with ACP.

Don’t forget, promotion day soon! Give your best and try being as active as you can these days. 😉 Also, make sure to comment pictures, and tell us if you made it!