ACP Recap 15th of July – 21st of July


Hello ACP! Sorry for the of this post.

Purp here, once again.. for another ACP Recap! I lost count.. it’s probably my 8th one. Well, I suppose you should start reading more now.


Oh.. my.. GLAWB!

Let’s see what events we had for the past week…

Monday, 15th of June: Ausia Defence of Yeti, Ausia Invasion of Koscuizko & Ausia Defence of Ice Shelf  

Defence of Ice Shelf [WIN]

Sizes: 15-18


Defence of Yeti [WIN]

Dayum, what an epic joke bomb.

Sizes: 15-17+


Invasion of Koscuizko [WIN]

I smell the stinky, glorious stench of VICTORY!

Sizes: 15-17+ 

Tuesday, 16th of June: No events


Wednesday, 17th of June: No events

Thursday, 18th of June: No events

Friday, 19th of June: Ausia ‘Terrorism’ Event, UK Ulead, USA/UK (Unscheduled?) Legends Cup Training

Ausia Terrorism Event

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 8.14.06 PM

Lerrrve is in da air

Sizes: 5-9


UK Ulead


Sizes: 13-19


UK/USA (Unscheduled?) Legends Cup Training

whoooa, looks like we formed a noodle.

Sizes: 28-32

Saturday, 20th of June: (Mostly) UK Legends Cup Battle VS SWAT

Pic from SWAT site

Sizes: 15-25

Sunday, 21st of June: Ausia Ulead (Cancelled due to CP not working), UK Recruiting Session (Cancelled again) & UK/USA Ulead (Probably cancelled too)

Not bad, I guess… not bad indeed! We’ve done pretty good last week. As you could tell, on Monday the Ausia division did 3 events and won all of them! Round of applause to them. Also, they have had pretty amazing sizes! For the UK, you’ve been doing pretty good… I see you’re clashing with the USA a lot! I’ll try and figure out the sizes we’ve had on average though for the UK and USA. Alright so.. ACP you could see, ACP has done a very good job. You guys also won the Legends Cup 1st round! Hope we win the 2nd…

UK Force:

Current average size: 15-20

Performance: 7.6/10

Last time- Current average size: 20-25+ & Performance: 8.7/10

USA Force:

Current average size: 15-18

Performance: 7.34/10

Last time- Current average size: 15-20+ & Performance: 7/10

AUSIA Force:

Current average size: 15+

Performance: 8/10

Last time- Current average size: 15-20+ & Performance: 8.8/10

ALTOGETHER NOW! = 22.94/30

(Last time: 25.2/30)


Main Snippets of the week:

ACP won the Round 1 Legends Cup battle against SWAT

ACP had 3 victories in one day…. out of 3 events on Monday during the AR war!

AR are holding a ceasefire with ACP due to the Legends Cup. It will end when the Legends Cup ends. Click HERE for the post!

ACP has conquered 1 server during the war last week which soon had a ceasefire. Say hi to Koscuizko

32 soldiers have joined ACP last week. Welcome, guys!

ACP had 10 events this week, 3 of them were cancelled. Nuts!

12 posts have been posted on the ACP site the past week. Awesommme.

The posts you need to read….

Click HERE for the recruiting contest results by Tori – Congratsies Anna Mcg and Japan for being a runner up and Slippykicky for winning!

Click HERE for the Clover awards pt 2 by Monsoon. Vote.. go for it!

Click HERE for Tori’s post regarding the active count. Comment on the post if you haven’t got your rank on the ranks page!

Click HERE for Flipmoo’s super-awesome ACP History project! Come on, it will give you promotions!

The last poll I did was pretty bad last time so… no results here. Here’s the new poll….

Annnnnd that’s all or ACP Recap today! Hope you enjoyed it!


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  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. Another nice recap 😮

  3. There was no XBox 360 option so I chose pyjamas.

  4. Um the PS4 isn’t out yet.


  6. The Xbox is better

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