Le ACP Recap – June 8th – June 14th

To make a long story short, welcome to my ACP Recap.

I’m out of ideas.


[W] = Win

[L] = Loss

[T] = Tie

[?] = Slime ain’t so sure


Be prepared. This is going to be a big one…

Monday, 8th of June: UK Unscheduled Event

Flowah powah, babyyy

Sizes: 15-20

Tuesday, 9th of June (here comes the war):  AUSIA Invasion of Ice Berg [W], UK Invasion of Berg [W] & USA Defence Of Snow Globe [W]

I guess some green milk would be nice for my cereal.

Sizes: Around 15



Sizes: 25+


Oh for goodness sakes AR, just go to specsavers.

Sizes: 17-22+

Wednesday, 10th of June: AUSIA Invasion of Crunch [W], UK Defence of Breeze [W] & USA Invasion of Toboggan [L]

Care for some cupcake flavoured ice cream?

Sizes: 5+


I guess ACP enjoys dining with AR if you know what I mean.

Sizes: 25+


How the heck did we lose THIS event?

Sizes: Around 15-20

Thursday, 11th of July: UK Defence of Beanie [W] & USA Defence of Fiesta [L]

I clearly said to AR that they should go to Specsavers. But they didn’t because they claimed victory at this event. Tsk tsk!

Sizes: 30-45


D’awww, ACP! XD Fiesta seemed like an intense battle!

Sizes: 18-20+

Friday, 12th of July: AUSIA Invasion of Outback [W]

Another one of dem excellent joke bombs but why are those two soldiers at the bottom SMOOCHING EACHOTHER?!

Sizes: Around 10-15 or so

Saturday, 13th of July: AUSIA Defence of Bubblegum [W], AUSIA Defence of Ice Berg [W], AUSIA Invasion of Fiesta [W] & UK Defence of Yeti [W]

we mad (Bubblegum)

Sizes: 15-20+


–No Pics for Defence of Ice Berg–


Well, at least the AR Ausia division managed to go to Specsavers. Ya know, they actually surrender. (Fiesta)

Sizes: 15+


ayyy we got more coffee here!

Sizes: 23-26

Sunday, 14th of July: AUSIA Defence of Caribou [W], AUSIA Defence of Crunch [W], AUSIA Invasion of Slushy [W], UK Defence of Avalanche [W] , UK Invasion of Snow Bank [T]

Asia and Australia realllly do know how to cook beans right. (Caribou)

Sizes: 10+


Clover..cake? (Crunch)

Sizes: Around 15-20


Holy.. f.. f.. f..fish sticks (Slushy)

Sizes: 25-30+ (wut wut)


Taste our joke bombs. Taste itttt. (Avalanche)

Sizes: 20-25+


Wanna have another round of coffee? (Snow Bank)

Sizes: 15+


Wow! What a huuuuge improvement yet again! Last week we got from 10-20+ to this… awesome. The UK force seem to be back to their feet, averaging around 20-25 on CP currently and is sometimes getting more than 30 on CP. Groovy. And the USA have been doing pretty good-ish as they are now averaging around 20+ on CP. Coool. AUSIA? You’ve been doing awesome, averaging sizes of 10-20 this week and somehow maxing 25. Boom! So here’s ACP’s current rating…

UK Force:

Current average size: 20-25+

Performance overall: 8.7/10

Last time:

Current average size: 15-20+ & Performance overall: 7.9/10

USA Force:

Current average size: 15-20+

Performance overall: 7.7/10

Last time:

Current average size: 5+ & Performance overall: 3/10

AUSIA force:

Current average size: 15-20+

Performance overall: 8.8/10

Last time:

Current average size: 15-20 & Performance overall: 8.6/10


Last time: 19.5/30

So far, ACP has conquered 5 servers during the war last week. Hellloooo Slushy, Outback, Berg, Ice Berg and Crunch! We’ve also reclaimed a server that AR have invaded, Fiesta!

Also, we’ve had 19 events so far. 1 was an unscheduled.

We’ve won 15 events, lost 2 and tied one last week.

22 posts have been posted on the site the past week. 9 more than last time!

39 people have joined ACP throughout the week. 9 less than last week!

Discludin’ events and results posts. Oh, and private posts.. obviously!

Click HERE for Slider’s supah-motivational post for the war. Read it all the way!

Click HERE for Tori’s supah(again)-imporant active count! It’s due the 20th of July, so comment if you haven’t yet!

Click HERE for Slider’s interesting post about the ACP uniform and their importance!

Click HERE for Tori’s post… well, about reminders and stuff- Please read!

Vote, why not? Click HERE for Monsoon’s clover awards! Sponsored by da Clover magazine.

You’ve probably just speedily scrolled down the whole post for this. Here are the results from last week!

Poor caramel.

Oh, also there’s no such thing as toilet flavoured ice cream so here’s ice cream on this sort-of toilet plate.

Hope you enjoyed my post! ~Purp

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  1. Nice recap!

  2. We won Breeze and reclaimed Fiesta. 2nd, Sort of booyah? :mrgreen:

  3. MOOO! 🐮

  4. you forgot a crucial piece of information… legend Rock71 rejoins the army and the first event he goes to acp maxes at 45 solders… 🙂

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    This is the weekly ACP Recap by PurpleSlime from acparmy.com

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