ACP Recap #7 || 1st of July – 7th of July ||

Hai! Purp here again for my never-ending weekly ACP Recap post. This time with no different-language titles. HUZZAH! Now, just to let you know – every ACP Recap post I will ever publish will include some minor changes. Enough said- here we go…


Heh, Ok ok. That’s enough. Honestly. If you want to see more lip balm flavours, then you know what to do! GOOGLE IT. ALWAYS GOOGLE IT. GOOOGLLLEEEE.

Alright. Let’s get started- here are the events we had this week.

Monday, 1st of July (PINCH, PUNCH FIRST OF THE MONTH!): UK Training/Recruiting Session

Hello to you, fine sir.

Sizes: 20-25

Click HERE for the results post by Fluffyboy3!

Tuesday, 2nd of July: UK  Training/Recruiting Session

Whoa man. That’s an awesome circle you got dere.

Sizes: 25-30+

Click HERE for the results post by Capncook!

Wednesday, 3rd of July: Ausia Training Session

Boom! Another one of ’em epic joke bombs!

Sizes: 10-15

Click HERE for the results post by Flipmoo, originally posted by Splasher!

Thursday, 4th of July: Well, we managed to do a UK Training/Recruiting 

Sizes: 5-10+

No results post

Friday, 5th of July: Ausia PB against Army Republic [WIN] & UK PB against Ice Warriors [WIN]

ufhrhureefefh the smells of victory

Sizes: 15-18+

Click HERE for the results post by Cas!

We are not amused, AR. Thanks for raiding the event.

Sizes: 20+

Click HERE for the results post by Capncook!

Saturday, 6th of July: UK Training Session & USA PB against Doritos of CP for the server Big Surf

-No pics-

Sizes: 5-10+

-No results post-

-No pics-

Sizes: 5+ 

-No results post-

Ehhhh, good start however now it’s starting to get a bit worse. Hey, it’s okay anyway. Just one of those weeks when it happens. Overall we did pretty okay actually. The UK force seem to do amazing however they have dropped-, the USA force only had around 1 event according to the site and my knowledge and they achieved short sizes and lastly the Ausia force did very well having sizes bigger than the USA force. Bizarre week, eh? Well since we are going to recruit more, we will hopefully rise back to our numbers.

UK Force-

Current average size: 15-20+

Performance overall: 7.9/10

Last time- Current average size: 25-30+ & Performance overall: 8.99/10

USA Force-

Current average size: 5+

Performance overall: 3/10

Last time- Current average size: 15-20+ & Performance overall: 7.6/10

AUSIA Force-

Current average size: 15-20

Performance overall:  8.6/10

Last time- Current average size: 5-10+ & Performance: 6/10



0 is the number of the servers we have conquered last week. Hopefully we shall invade more next week!

0 is the number of unscheduled events we had last week. Ooh. Lot’s of 0’s here.

8 is the number of events we had the past week. The same as last time! 

13 posts have been posted last week including the private ones. Ah, 7 less than last time?!

46 people have joined ACP. Welcome guys! Wow, that’s a lot of new soldiers. 

Click HERE for the promotion post by me and Foldez! I don’t think I was meant to post it, but I tried my best to make the post good!

Click HERE for a post by Monsoon announcing that she will be absent for a while. Nooo!

Click HERE for my last ACP Recap post!

Click HERE for Slider’s post celebrating American Independence day. Woooyah!

Click HERE for Cas’ interesting post about how to deal with recruits.

Click HERE for Slider’s useful post- a guide for newcomers. New soldiers, read this post immediately!

Click HERE for Maxy777’s retirement post. Bye, my friend!


Here are da results from last week…

Chocolate, ey? Well, here you go..

When yoou brush your teeth, you get 2x the cavities and plaque with this awesome toothpaste!

Hope you enjoyed my ACP Recap!

~Purple Slime4

9 Responses

  1. First, booyah!

  2. I WILL GIVE YOU ANTI CIVITY TOOTHPASTE ACP: NOOO YOU CANT DO DIS PENGUIN!!!! ME: IM SAVING YOUR TEETH ACP: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO me: (brushes teeth) (flosses teeth) (makes acp drink a choclate drink which was actully mouthwash and it wasn’t chocolate it tastes like chocolate and its a super teeth cleaning agent)

  3. Thirrrrrddd

  4. gdjob ausia 😀

  5. Came

  6. what do people have against pickled flavored toothpaste


  8. I want ice cream now 😥

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