Woskoz Klub Pingwin Podsumować 17 Czerwca – 23 Czerwca

Now that title, my friends, is in Polish.

Hai, ACP! Slime here again posting ACP Recap again. Ahhh. Well, uhhh. Running out of ideas for an introduction, here! Hm. This is a lame introduction. Oh well. I’m just going to start the post right now… so grab some fizzy cheese, maybe some popcorn or some toothpaste flavoured ice cream and enjoy the post!

ermagherd frut and hazulnert flavured prerngels

Well, well, well ACP? What an unusual week we had. Unexpectedly unusual, that is. Mchappy has pretty much disappeared, probably staying at his cousins and we’ve dropped sizes a bit… From around 30 to 15+. Of course, none of us expected that to happen! Anyway, yeah. Mchappy has pretty much disappeared and has gone AWOL ONCE AGAIN! Probably one of the reasons why ACP has shrunk a little bit. At least we have our temp leaders, Capn and Flipmoo, to lead us back again! Well, hehe. Maybe. Anything could happen!

All I’m saying is that ACP’s size has decreased to sizes of 15-20+ and Mchappy sort of disappeared. Unexpectedly. DUN DUN DUNNNN!

Now here’s what events we’ve had. Read on!

Monday, 17th of June:


Tuesday, 18th of June:


Wednesday, 19th of June:

USA Ulead

A decent E+8 tactic during the event.

Sizes: 15-20

Click here for the result post by Tori!

Thursday, 20th of June:

UK Advanced tactic session & USA Practise Battle VS Water Vikings


Sizes: 15-20+

Click here for the results post by me!


An almooost perfect E+C tactic during the PB against Water vikings. Cooool.

Sizes: 15+

Click here for the results post by Tori!

Friday, 21st of June:

Ausia training session

A decent E+T tactic. Those nasty bots must of stole Ausia’s beans. Gah! Nice effort, though!

Sizes: 10+

Click here for the results post by Flipmoo!

Saturday, 22nd of June:

UK Unscheduled training

A good E+K tactic on CP. Wow. ACP are eating a lot.

Sizes: 15+

Click here for the results post by Capncook!

Sunday, 23rd of June:



Despite those bots raiding, ACP still had a pretty decent week. We sort of decreased, but hopefully we might rise back again. As I tell you all the time, anything could happen! With the war with Black Alliance coming up, we could hopefully rise up again since some soldiers really want to have a war. Oooh, well we’ll see! And now, here is our overall performaaaance-

For the UK Force, the size is now 15+ || Performance: 6.9/10 (Last time- Size: 30+ || Performance: 9/10)

For the USA Force, the size is now about 15+ too. || Performance: 7/10  (Last time- Size: 20-25+ || Performance: 8.4/10)

And lastly for the Ausi Force, the size is now 10+ || Performance: 6.99999999/10 (Last time- Size: 17+ || Performance: 8.8/10)


5 is the number of events we’ve had last week. 1 more than last time!

0 is the number of servers we’ve conquered this week. Awww! xD

1 is the number of unscheduled events we’ve had the past week. 1 more than last week, heh!

24 people have joined ACP last week. 5 less than last week, oooh!

15 posts have been published on the site including my last ACP recap post, the result posts, the event posts and the other posts. Not the private posts though.

Let’s check out some of ’em posts we had last week. Well, excluding my ACP Recap post, the events posts, the event result posts and private posts.

Click HERE for Capncook’s post about divisions and if we should bring them back or not.

Click HERE for Fluffyboy’s (and Japan’s) Positively ACP art competition. Enter until the 1st of July!

Click HERE for Shaboomboom’s announcement of Capncook and Flipmoo being ACP’s temp leaders.

Click HERE for Flipmoo’s post about him and Capn being leader and organizing ACP.

Click HERE for Foldez’ Project N III post. Heck yeah!

Click HERE for Capncook’s (originally posted by Cas) post introducting ”The Clover” ACP magazine-site!

Click HERE for Mchappy’s/Flipmoo’s/Capncook’s declaration of war post against the Black Alliance.

(So far….)

What: Training/Recruiting MAYBE U-Lead

Where: Avalanche

BE ON www.xat.com/theacp

When: Monday, June 24, 2013

12:00 PM PST, 1:00 PM MST, 2:00 PM CST, 3:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM GMT

Click HERE for the events post by Capncook.


And lastly, my poll of the week! Apologies for last weeks poll. I’ve been running out of ideas, heh. Plus, I’M WEIIIIIIRRRRRRRD.

Here are the results for last weeks poll:

Which would you like the best?

Choc covered bacon: 13 people voted = 42%

Choc covered pie: 13 people voted = 42% (It’s a tie!)

Choc covered cheese: 5 people voted = 16%

Choc covered eggs: 0 people voted = 0% (Poor eggs)



Hope you enjoyed my post! ~Purp

11 Responses

  1. firstcakes

  2. Nice post 😮

  3. Hehe

  4. emp


  6. hehe anyone else notice the 6.9999999999 for the AUS force?

  7. I feel as if this title came from google translate. Lovely post btw.

    • Of course it comes from Google Translate! xD

      • Purple why didn’t you ask me to translate 😦

        1. There’s no such a word as ‘woskoz’ in Polish

        2. You shouldn’t use the form “podsumować” – it’s an infinitive form of this verb. You would better use ‘podsumujmy’ – form of exclamation:

        ‘Podsumujmy ten tydzień’ -> ‘Let’s recap this week’

        And now some good words:

        Poles often make a mistake, saying that 6/17 is ’17 czerwiec’ – but we must remember that after 17 (siedemnasty) we must use genitive (second grammatical case), which for this word takes the form ‘czerwca’.

        In Polish we have 7 cases of noun, adjective, numeral

        Next time ask MEH

      • Thanksies! Stupid Google.

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