Armee von Club Pinguin Rekapitulation ♣ 10th Juni – 16th Juni ♣

Hai, Purple Slime here or as some people call me ”May” (because of my ”My the slime be with you” name). Huehue. Oh yes, and of course everyone knows what time it is. I mean, I’m posting.. it’s Monday… and you already must of translated the title on google translate anyway. Fine. It’s ACP RECAP No.4! 10th of June to the 16th of June, that is – Monday to Sunday. So anyway, AWAY WE GOOOO!

kentucky fried chocolate?

Oh and if you want to see more weird Kit-Kat flavours, click HERE. Oooooh yeeeah. Mmmm.

Oom pahpah! Yet another good ol’ ACP week. Big improvement from last week, I can see that the UK are getting much bigger and the USA too. And the Australians? Just.. wow. Epic. I can see the reason- we have a few more active soldiers now! Plus, the bots disappeared which is even better (well, apart from that awesome Australian event earlier last week). Ah, and also we reached 5 MILLION views on the site! Ooh, don’t forget that we also claimed a few more servers! My goodness ACP, you’re definitely on the roll this time.

Lets take a look at our events now…

Monday, 10th of June: None

Tuesday, 11th of June: None

Wednesday, 12th of June: Australian & Asian force Training session

Ooh what do you have here, Australian force? A nice E+2 Tactic while battling against the bots. Awesooome.

Size: 17-20+ 

Click HERE for the results post!

Thursday, 13th of June: USA Invasion of Sherbert

An EPIC E+C tactic during the Invasion of Sherbert. That V…Oh gawd.

Size: 20+

Click HERE for the results post!

Friday, 14th of June: UK Invasion of Caribou/Practice Battle VS Watex Warriors

It seems like the UK are addicted to baked beans because that E+T Tactic was perrrfecto. (Well, sort of!)

Size: 30+

Click HERE for the results post!

Saturday, 15th of June: UK Cleansing of Avalanche & 5 Million view party giveaway!

A grooovy rainbow bomb during the Cleansing of Avalanche!

Size: 30-35+

Click HERE for the results post!

Sunday, 16th of June: None


Wow, what a huge improvement there. Now, with my horrible maths skills (like always), lets find out our performance overall last week.

For the UK force, the average size is now…

30+ Performance: 9/10 (Last time- 15+ Performance: 7.4/10)

For the USA force, the average size is now…

20-25+ Performance: 8.4/10 (Last time- 15+ Performance: 7.3/10)

For the Ausia force, the average size is now

17+ Performance: 8.8/10 (Last time 10-15+ Performance: 7.5/10)

Whoayaaa, ACP. Wow. You guys can see how much we’ve improved- and we’ve improved. We have definitely improved.


2 More servers added to our Nation page! (Sherbert and Caribou, that is)

4 Is the number of events we had last week. Ooh, just the same as last week!

0 Is the number of the unscheduled events we had last week. Just like last week again!

29 People have joined ACP. That’s one less than last week. And by the way- welcome to ACP, new soldiers!

10 Posts have been posted on the site- including the event posts, result posts and my last ACP Recap post. Ooooh!

(Excluding result posts and event posts)

Click HERE for my last week’s ACP Recap post (3rd of June to the 9th of June).

Click HERE for a post by Mchappy where he answers different questions so you can know him better.

Click HERE for Capncook’s rant about improving ACP.

Click HERE for Flipmoo’s post about reassuring chat safety and enforcing chat rules.

Click HERE for Slider’s post about him returning! Woo!

 (The only upcoming event)


WHEN: JUNE 20 2013



6:00 PM Eastern

5:00 PM Central

4:00 PM Mountain

3:00 PM Pacific

11:00 PM UK

Click HERE for the event post by Slider.


The last poll result was a surprise… the winner, of the best legend in ACP ever is… who beat Oagal, Shab and Boomer….



And for the next poll..

I suppose that’s it for this week. I hope you liked my ACP Recap! ~Purple Slime

24 Responses

  1. hi

  2. 3rd

  3. 4th

  4. That new poll is really gross.
    I don’t even like chocolate.

  5. Those were some crazy kit jar favors!

  6. Slime why does every poll have poop as a catagory, it’s not funny it’s just weird to be honest.

  7. Chocolate Pie

  8. 13th

  9. I came to the events on June 13th and June 15th.

  10. Omfg chicken flavored kit kats. Where do they sell these?


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