Rebuilding Murican Forces = Pitch In And Help [EVENT TODAY]

❗ Major American Event ❗

When: Friday, 8th of March

Where: Alpine

Times: 7:30 PM EST

6:30 PM CST

5:30 PM MST

4:30 PM PST

12:30 AM UK


We have had too many bad events lately and that isn’t doing well on our morale. We are going to focus on the quality rather than quantity of events. Two to three good events way way better than having 5 bad events that will make us look bad. We are doing to have to do a little experimenting.  It’s crazy the number of events we have. Back then when I lead and even before that we wouldn’t have more than maybe 3-4 events a week in peacetime not counting weekends.Funks I request that you do not schedule any more USA events earlier this week (the week of this event).

Flen was actually once told by Oagal to cut down the number of events because we had too many. Our sizes started to rise a bit after. Too many events make soldiers tired and bored. That and the fact we have been doing bad at the events is taking a toll on our morale. Lets just focus on having one good event next week for the weekday. Another thing is that all you soldiers MUST comment on posts. It is for your own good as well as ours. COMMENT.

You all have a week to prepare.




Crack that Whip


ACP, this is tragic and pathetic.  We are reliving August 2012 again when ACP was at it’s darkest hour with hardly any active American troops and everyone, UK and US, sitting around on ACP chat griping about everything and doing nothing.  Whining and moaning gets us nowhere.  ACTION!  ACP, get up and make it happen!  It’s not going to magically happen on it’s own…WE NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN! Continue reading

Another Amusing Event on Alpine

Cloverizin’ all the time!

Hai dere, Purple slime4 here! Todaaaay at 7pm UK we had a sort of recruiting/training session, gaining sizes of 13 on CP, Maxing around 17 and minimising around 8. We also had well, okay-ish tactics. I would like to welcome some of our new soldiers who attended the event, you all did very well! In fact, everyone did pretty good. Enthusiasm is the stuff! Read more for ze pictures taken by me and one from Funks…

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ACP Promotions: February 2013

Purple slime4: Just wanted to say Congratsies to all who got promoted! If you didn’t get a promo, then don’t worry. Try again next time- I know you can do this! If you need any help with it, then join ACPTR @ . Good luck!

OWNERS: Add recruits to this post.

Hai ACP,

Even I forgot it as the end of the month today and if it wasn’t for Levan you wouldn’t be getting your promotions today! Of course, today is the last day of February and that means that it is promotion day. Many of you have worked very hard and I am proud to give some of you promotions. If you did not receive a promotion and you feel you deserved one, please fill out this form:

  1. What is your CP name?
  2. What is your rank?
  3. Why should you be promoted/recieve handpicked moderator (HIGH MEMBERS)?

If you did not get promoted, please don’t be upset as there are a lot of people on the ranks and we often miss out people because of the vast amount of people on the ranks as a lot of them aren’t in the army. If you don’t get one after filling out the form, there is always next month. Without further ado, click “read more” for the promotions:

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I’m Back! Got Fun? Vote Now! Confused? Read!

Well hello there ACP!

You’re all probably wondering “WHY IS THIS GOON HERE ON ACP?” And to answer that, I have this here paragraph.

Basically, Maxy and I are the reason we surrendered the war. LOL. Anyway, we also came up with a plan to try and rebuild ACP. So, to make things 10 times easier for the owners, I am on the site. Hoopler.

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CPAC Tournament Battle: Can you come?


ACP vs Pretzels

Klondike, Forest

Saturday, 2nd March 2013

8pm UK, 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST

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War Surrendered // Vote for USA Leader: Ken, Ant or Swimmer?

Hai ACP,

After some ideas from the soldiers, I decided that surrendering was the best option in this situation. I do not want a war and we were going to lose to these 4 or 5 armies anyhow if we went on the way we did. Don’t worry, though! We are still the Army of CP and now we will focus on rebuilding. Asd has some brilliant ideas and I am hoping we can rebuild to be a great army once again.

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UK events + Weekend Events

Hai ACP, 

As the USA has some defenses to attend against the HSA, I have decided that we need some UK events to build the army as a whole and get our aim of constant 30-35 at the weekend. If we did get 30-35 last week, we would have probably got first on the top ten as apposed to 5th. Here are the events:


Alpine, Town

8pm UK, 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST

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We’re Here For the Party! Alpine Recruiting

Today we had a pretty good recruiting session on the server Alpine, which was 5 bars.  Although we started out a bit small, we had many ACP soldiers log in and join the fun.  This event was lead primarily by me and Funks with help of Tori and Maxy777.  I think we did well considering the lag everyone experienced.

We started out in the Town doing recruiting phrases and getting lots of attention from the Club Penguin civilians.  We also did several tactics that were good.  The Town was full of penguins, so hopefully we picked u some recruits there. Continue reading

Defenses from BA!

Kingfunks4 x2: I have taken the decision to ignore the “black legion” as well. This is obviously just the Pirates and it will be the Pirates attacking still. This is shown on the Pirates website when they say “UPDATE: The Black Legion of CP will be doing these invasions. Since we are pretty much in the Black Legion, we will be on”. This is the Pirates invading still and I will be ignoring them as they are invading as the Pirates still. ” Since we are pretty much in the Black Legion” is the key statement.

Kingfunks4: I have removed any invasions from the Pirates as they signed a treaty and cannot invade. The treaty states that all invasions are to be ignored and not counted. Also, Ace Fireken was leader and Water also said the terms were good at the time. 

Swimmerboy01 x2: The War with HSA has ended! It has ended in a Mutual Agreement and they get to keep Snow Shoe. All HSA Events are Cancelled

Swimmerboy01: Make sure to check out this post too!

Hey ACP its me Swimmerboy01 (TheSmexySwimmer) and we got a plate full of events from BA this week. We will add events as they come up and we expect you to try to make as many as possible. Lets start out with these.


Hot Sauce Army vs Army of Clubpenguin

Defense of Snow Shoe

1am UK, 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST



Hot Sauce Army vs Army of Clubpenguin

Defense of Walrus

1am UK, 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST