The ACP Recap (May 18th, 2012)

Submitted by Purple Slime

Stew needs some more banners! It doesn’t matter if you have been selected already, you can enter as many times as you want!

Ahhhh, another day another NICKEL. (Guess where that is from =P)

Well, another Friday is upon us, and now you have something to look forward to! (You know, besides the weekend and stuff.)

Battle Results:

May 12th: ACP Defeats SWAT (No show) on Ice Palace

May 13th: ACP Defeats SWAT on Outback

May 13th: ACP Defeats SWAT on Breeze

May 14th: ACP Defeats SWAT on Wind Chill

May 14th: ACP Defeats SWAT on Deep Snow

May 15th: ACP Defeats SWAT on Tundra

May 15th: ACP Defeats SWAT on Half Pipe

May 16th: ACP Defeats SWAT on Abominable

May 16th: ACP Defeats SWAT on Snow Flake

May 17th: ACP Defeats SWAT on Cloudy

May 18th: ACP Defeats SWAT on Snow Globe

My GOD! TOO MANY EVENTS! This had to take me about 15 minutes to do ALL the events!

Upcoming events:

May 18th: Defense of Flippers: 7:30 PM EST, 11:30 PM UK/GMT

May 19th: Invasion of Ice Palace:3:00 PM EST, 8:00 PM UK/GMT

May 20th: Invasion of Cabin: 2:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM UK/GMT

May 20th: Defense of Mountain: 2:30 PM EST, 7:30 PM UK/GMT

May 21st: Invasion of Tuxedo: 7:00 PM UK/GMT 2:00 PM EST

May 23rd: Invasion of Summit: 7:00 PM UK/GMT 2:00 PM EST

May 24th: Invasion of Frosty: 7:00 PM UK/GMT 2:00 PM EST

May 25th: Invasion of Polar Bear: 9:00 PM EST 2:00 AM UK/GMT

SOLDIER OF THE WEEK HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Guys, I am sorry. I just can’t pick one soldier out of like, 500. I am sorry.

Poll of the Week:

Last week I asked “What is your favorite Pizza Topping?” and you said: Pepperoni with 22/45. I want more votes! C’mon guys!

Thanks for reading!

*Thank you to Asd for the EPIC signature!





12 Responses

  1. First beat you Icey!

  2. 2nd still beating Icey

  3. Lol everyone wants to beat Icey now

  4. 3rd beat icy

  5. Ima PS3 guy

  6. dude i play no video games… just ACP and i dont spend alt of time on it… im always outside at the gym, MMA practice, or with my buds…

  7. lol poor Icey he aint gunna win


  9. da hell is a nickel?

  10. My favorite game console is the 3DS. ❤

  11. ive joined ~ dunno i have just quit swat and im uk so im going to help u fight swat 🙂

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