ACP Recap (May 4th, 2012)

Few ladies, and many gentlemen, I am Stew20, former 3ic and current General. I am very proud to bring you the first ever ACP RECAP!

Congratulations to Asdfghjkl888 on winning the ACP Recap banner contest. PC me on chat for your prize!

In the ACP this week, we had very little activity. However, there were some pretty fun and good battles.

April 29th: Succesful ACP Training Session.

April 28th: ACP Defeats Nachos.

April 28th: ACP Defeats MW

Upcoming Events: Defense of Mammoth: Sunday May 6th, 2:00 EST, 7:00 GMT/UK.

Upcoming Events: Senate Meeting for May: May 6th, 2:00 EST 7:00 GMT/UK (I don’t know what will happen, I’m just taking what is off the site)

In Other News: This week, on May 1st, the ACPTR has officially re-opened! So, if you are Corporal-2nd Lt. I highly suggest you join the ACPTR. It is a lot of fun and really helps your skills of being an ACP soldier.  <Join here.

In Other News: Also happening sometime this weekend or week, is April 2012 promotions! I know for most lower ranked troops it is a huge honor to be promoted, so make sure you check out the post! But, for us older ranked troops, they’ll tell you, you don’t get as excited as you used to =P.

Soldier of the Week: After looking over ALL the results posts, and seeing how this troop commented on the site, I hope you agree with me that: Bingoradar wins the first Soldier of the Week award. I understand Im not the BEST judge, but after looking at all results posts, he was at all 3 of this week’s events, and wasnt too shabby at being active either. If you complain in the comments, you are automatically disqualified for next week’s contest. So don’t hate -.-.

Poll of the Week:

Thank you ALL for the support and help in making this happen. Remember: New episode NEXT Friday!

If you would like to submit a banner, make your own and comment it below!


20 Responses

  1. FIRST! Now Time to read the post…

  2. Congrats Bingo and Asd. I get around 5 hours sleep on weekdays -_-

  3. what?

  4. Congratulations, Asd & Bingo! :mrgreen: I usually get six hours of sleep because I go to bed at 11 CST.

  5. I always wake up early

  6. On weekdays I wake up at 5 minutes to 6:00 AM CST, and on weekends I wake up between 6:45 and 8:00 AM CST and go to sleep at 9:00 PM CST.

  7. Congrats Bingo and Asd!

  8. What the cheeseburger?

  9. WAIT…can u see mine first?
    cuz its better…PLS? dont let him win yet… 😦

  10. Well done! Well done! *claps hands*

  11. i was there

  12. Congrats Asd! Congrats Bingo! You guys are great and represent ACP well!


  14. 7 hours for me. I go to bed mostly at 10:30 and 10:00 CST on weekdays, on the Weekend usally at 11:30 – 1:00 AM and on mostly all summer nights almost no sleep at all sometimes 30 minutes or 1 hour

  15. i wake up every morning at 6 am and go run

  16. i could do better but i didn’t enter

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