What’s that? Soldier of the month?//Other awards\

Hey,  ACP.

As you may know, Asdfghjkl888, a General of the Army of Club Penguin has recently made leader evaluations and Soldier of the Week. Following that, I decided to make my own award: Soldier of the month, as well as maybe some others. So I decided, every month, i’m going to do Soldier of the Month and something else, maybe
“Ally of the Month,” or “Server of the Month,” maybe “Owner of the month,” i’m not sure.

I’m ending Febuary off with “Soldier of the Month” and “Ally of the Month”

Ally of the Month:

That’s all for now

-Carter157, ACP Commander General

15 Responses

  1. I voted on both polls. Good luck to whomever wins soldier of the month. x]

  2. Good luck 😛

  3. good luck guys i know who i voted for

  4. The first poll is a bad one, add more people or add a “No one deserves it” or something choice and then it’d be fair. Second one was fine.

  5. Good luck to all the nominees 🙂

  6. I swear that I will not vote for myself and i kind of agree with Capn.

  7. i agree with capn too more ppl!

  8. Thank you all for the opportunity to be soldier of the month! Being a new recruit, I never thought I would never compare to some people! 😀

  9. I Better be on the Next SSoilder of the Month XP

  10. I dont mean to insult anybody, but I can think of more than 3 great troops that deserve to be nominated. An “Other” Choice would of been nice.

  11. Im in Soldier of the Month 😛 but im not going to win since im grounded

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