Today’s Recap

Skloop: When do I get in on this eh?

Mchappy: @Matre – NEVER! HA.

Matre: @Mch – You owe Boomer more than a million dollars then! Guess you wouldn’t get paid at all

Mchappy: @Noka – That I’d make about $525,600 a year! xD.

noka- co leaders get 60 bucks an hour

Mchappy: @Noka – Than I (as a 2iC) must be a millionaire! 😀 .

noka- um im acp 3ic 3rd in commands get paid 58 bucks an hour!

Mchappy: @Noka – Uh, never? 😯 .

Noka- when do i get paid?

Hello ACP,

Even though with today being “Black Friday”, for Americans, we still managed to get 35+ at TWO Events today.

Practice Battle MANIA!

If you weren’t online during this time than you missed out, big time! Originally it was going to be a normal practice battle between IT (Icy Troops) and TG (Team Gold.) IT Pc’d me saying that TG and them–IT–allowed that ACP would be able to help IT. I gladly excepted the offer and got ACP on Outback, Plaza right away! The numbers were great getting above 35+ on CP and we kept attacking each army–in which they always retreated after we attacked. Overall it was a very good Battle seeing as it was an unscheduled while IT, TG, UMA, etc. had planned them. I was very glad how you guys were listening all the way through and our organization was PERFECT. Sadly, I failed to capture pictures in the heat of the excitement. This is a great example of what we should be continuing to do to improve our moral, stats, organization, allies trust, etc. I can’t wait for more events, like this, in the future 😀

Tactic Session Review!

Today we had a Tactic Session at 3:30 PST (PM), our focus was on our organization. We have successfully did that and have once again perfected our organization–for this week–here are some pictures:

Nice pictures, right? I’m still experiencing with Photoshop so be patient with me. Considering that the past two days have been “holidays” I’m looking forward to tomorrow, a lot! I’m expecting to have 60-70 soldiers on chat tomorrow, hopefully we can destroy this goal and go beyond it. If we can do better than I will Owner someone 😉 REMEMBER: Tomorrow is our huge battle with NW! Make sure to be on the SERVER Snow Fort all day–recruiting–and be on ACP Chat. If you can, try to convince your parents that this is important to you, allowing you to stay on longer. Great work today & if you took pictures please comment them!

Now for some reason I feel like people are going to crab about ACP not being number 1 due to our results; I will own you, watch me. We all know all Armies have taken a huge decline since 2007, 2008 and even 2009. Now that doesn’t give ACP and excuse, though it does allow me to say: look at you army. Can you get 35+ (yes, I counted) at a Tactic Session? If you look into our top five armies than you’d realize that they get 35+ at wars. So I believe ACP getting 35+ at an event that was over posted by another event is very good. Now if you really care about ACP size–don’t worry–I have a huge plan to get ACP back to 60+ average. ACP forever!


44 Responses

  1. 1st! I made it and I rock, amirite? :mrgreen: .

  2. 2nd

  3. Nachos got 40+ at recruiting..

    Btw, how can a line be nice if it is curving?

    Ias: Lmao, your diplomacy skills are getting more sophisticated.

  4. 1st comment, I made it.

  5. i did

  6. there for part of it 4th

  7. i made it 30 minutes early and icey had to brb so i lead for 20 minutes then i stayed for 10 minute while i wasnt leading. Im not really in the pictures because i believe most of them were tooken at 3:30-4:00 pst.

  8. I made it im grandel46 i was early and i cant wait for tommorow

  9. Nice PB. Hope to do this again some time in the future.

  10. I was watching the battle in the side! I can’t see any pics with me in them D:

  11. Nachos use to get like 85 when pern was leading.

  12. Nice but no pics of ACP with other armies

  13. I made it but i was only there for a half hour

  14. That was one intense battle, but we needed pics.

  15. liked PB
    btw mchappy, would itr be ok of my brother used the computer upstairs to fight even though hes notg in acp?

  16. loved the pb it was cool

  17. I was at the PB and my favourite bit was when we stormed the Dojo. I wasn’t at the Tactic Session because it was late for me and I’m able to come to battle against NW today. ACP Forever!

  18. I was there.

  19. i was there for the tatic session not the pb…

  20. and im gonna be there today at the battle! not all day…..

  21. was there and not even ranked that how much i care

  22. I was there EPIC

  23. I couldn’t make it because I was spending time with my family.

  24. I mean seriously don’t just sit down in front of ur computer whenever you get home or wake up. take time to be with ur family

  25. Rocky25721/11lionsfan11(ACP Corporal): I Made It!!!!

  26. I cam (Wwebestfan)

  27. I made it

  28. OF course I made it!!!

  29. I was there for the start

  30. I was in all the pictures

    Nr rr

  31. i went

  32. I was there and im in all the PICS!! 😀

  33. I made it! I was dressed as santa claus in two of the pics xD

  34. I made It!

  35. i made it for 5 minutes but i got diconected then i kept trying to get bak on but it kept srry for being inactive my computer got a virus but im bak :mrgreen:

  36. i made the TG pb. i have pics but no idea how to get them up

  37. Mchappy: @Matre – NEVER! HA.

    Matre: @Mch – You owe Boomer more than a million dollars then! Guess you wouldn’t get paid at all.
    olympus: @matre-i get paid more than u 8)

    Mchappy: @Noka – That I’d make about $525,600 a year! xD.
    olympus: @mchappy- can i have 50% of watever u get
    noka- co leaders get 60 bucks an hour
    olympus: if u retire how much DO u get :S

    Mchappy: @Noka – Than I (as a 2iC) must be a millionaire! .
    olympus: bet u boomer is a billionare
    noka- um im acp 3ic 3rd in commands get paid 58 bucks an hour!
    olympus: @noka- in plastic money 🙂

    Mchappy: @Noka – Uh, never?
    olympus: noka gets paid seets as well .

    Noka- when do i get paid?

    olympus: @noka- never

  38. I come for most of it but i gtg at the end of it.

  39. 8) thts wat my edit will be like

  40. Made it near the middle/end!

  41. hehehehe i didnt understand a word of this post

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