A Day in Recap

Ken: Sorry for the edit. Skloop has told me that if he gets 3ic he will be stepping down from GT

Howdy Acp,

Most of you might be saying “What happened to Motor?!” or saying “Where are the Promotions!?” This day has been truely weird. One person absolutely hates me right now following many others, and many people are just waiting for promotions.

It has been always hard to say things on a post but what happen today must be explained.

1st off and the biggest surprise or not surprise is the Firing of Acp Head General Motor20. He is an outstanding leader and should be remembered like that. Right now, as motor is reading this post I know he probably is saying I am a liar and evil. I want to tell you Acp soldiers I will not be considered evil. Coming into Acp Leadership (this is the hardest thing ever in my army career), I never wanted to be called a dictator, evil ruler, or anything like that. Guys, I am sorry that I let you down. I promise if you still fight with us and still want to be a part of the Army of Club Penguin, then I will try my best to turn us back around and growing and getting bigger. Im not Boomer and I am not Oagal. I wish I could be just like both leaders, but as of right now I am still trying to hold Acp leader.

You all are the best soldiers an army could ever ask for. If you right now lost respect for me I am sorry. I never meant to hurt this army and put it in the situation it is right now. Why should I (bobcatboy10) decide motor’s future in this army. If Motor wants to come back into this army, he is more then welcomed (Just not at 2ic).

Bob, why did Motor get fired? Well, during week days for the past few weeks. When I get on I get pc’d “Look what motor did” and it was a picture of him either unownering mc or someone or him yelling for everyone to get on or they are fired.” If Mchappy wants to he can tell you about a private chat he got from Motor today.

And last about this and klug’s retirement post, Motor and Klug are not leaders anymore. Motor’s position will not be filled to lower the amount of leaders making 1 2nd in command and 1 3rd in command rank open. The new Head General (2nd in command) of Acp is Kenneth100! This leaves his 3rd in command spot opened. We will have 1 leader, 2 2ic’s, and 3 3ic’s which makes things easier. The open 3ic spot will be based on a 3 way poll. With this 3 way poll (proposed by Fiasco), everyone will get a say! From Leader to Corporal you will get a chance to vote. 1 vote will be for the leaders. 1 vote will be for the senate and the final vote will be everyone in Acp. Here is what the high ranks look like:

Supreme Commander: Bobcatboy10

Head General: Icey Cold27, Kenneth100

Commander General: Littleguy04, Noka 7, [Spot between Capncook, Lillie Rose, or Sklooperis]

Acp lets all look toward the future and keep being the biggest army in club penguin!



Promotions are delayed now back to 2 days. I am very very very very very very very very very very very very very very . . . (10 minutes later) . . . very sorry! I am the one to blame also. I take full responsibilty and because of this 2 day late promotion day, we will have a surprise promotion day during this month of October. It could be in 3 days, or next week or in 2 weeks. We shall never know 😮


Also congratulations to the Acp Echo division on winning the Alpha vs Echo battle today.

Comment on what you think!

Over & Out


85 Responses

  1. capnock retired bob

  2. Cool. Capn rejoined, Antant.

  3. I will not vote, but I’d like to talk to Bob about these “options” for 3iC.

  4. Poor Noka…will he ever get 2ic? xD listen IDC if you hate this idea, but read it anyway http://randomshtuff.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/acp-politics/

  5. Thank you bob for 2ic. I promise to be a little more active.

  6. btw bob you spelled my name wrong lol

  7. I vote for Capncook! (GRATZ KEN AND GOOD RIDDANCE MOTOR!)

  8. Where do we do the poll?

    You Comment.

  9. I vote for Capncook

  10. 1. I Vote for Capncook! 😮
    2. Congratz on 2ic kenneth! :mrgreen:
    3. Goodbye motor 🙄
    4. Promo day I Hope comes soon 😦
    5. Bob you rock! 😀
    ||Austin45 Acp||

  11. Stop being stupid and focus on burning down TG. D:<

  12. well i wish everyone luck and woosh, we know what your going through bob!

  13. Are you sure that’s why motor got fired Bob? I thought he got fired because he hacked somebody’s site…

  14. No Promotions. I am sad. How about bob you have it now.

    Sorry! They’ll be out today.

  15. True reason why i was fired was because bob felt threatened by me and he blamed me for everything wrong in ACP.

    If i ever did un owner mchappy , it was a joke. It i ever did yell at anyone , i was angry for a reason.

    Getting on CP is kinda crucial for a club penguin army.

    I never hacked anyone by the way and if bob wants to lead like this then it shows that he can not trust anyone. His Reasons for firing me were not big enough and at the very least it should of been a demotion.

  16. very unexpected but hey were acp =D

  17. i was at echo

  18. i vote for capnhuck

  19. 1. I vote capnhook (he was a 3ic once according to my time machine XD )
    2. poor motor,bye my fave owner rank
    3. WELL DONE KENNETH2000!!!!!!!n
    4. Bob no need to worry,I want to see if u can break record for longest leadership in acp the currect holder is oagalthorp with 18 months
    5. It better be in a few days 😕

  20. I guess I’ll vote for me, Skloop 🙂

    I want to remind EVERYONE of something though: Capn was going to leave, I even PC’d him on chat and asked if he was retired, and he responded “Yeah, but I might get 3ic”. In all honesty, he basically only wants to be here if he gets 3ic. I don’t care if I get the spot, I still would love ACP just as much and I would stay here until the very end as Division General.

    Is it really right to be voting for someone who only really likes it here if they win?

    I just feel like if you’re voting, you should take that in to consideration. Bob even told me in PC last night that what Capn’s doing is total BS.

  21. So,uhh..when did this all happen?

  22. wow another day in ACP:The Leadership Problem -.-

  23. and i vote lillie

  24. I vote for me 😀

  25. I vote for lillie

  26. -Sniffles- What has this army come to?!??!? I forgive you Bob.

  27. I vote Capncook, he’s been waiting for forever and he’s got a ton of experience.

  28. So capn “RETIRES” and then he comes back becuz he has a shot at 3ic? I:<

  29. I vote for Lillie.

    Also, I agree with Lillie. It’s twice Capn has come back after leaving, and then straight away he gets a shot at 3ic? It’s a bit… y’know.

  30. i knew this would happen



  33. Agreeing with motor here. Getting on cp is crucial for an army. The laziness of the soldiers is what made motor say that.

  34. Bob youre a great leader dont say you let us down!

  35. Skloop…I vot for you. And I’m very active on cp, just not as active as i was in the summer. DUH. 😆

    🙂 Dj Yaseen

  36. u guys do realize that Capn attended a nacho rebellion agasint little last night, dont you?


  38. i vote for skloop im pretty sure with him in the seat everything will fall into place

  39. i vote lillie

  40. I vote Capncook
    Don’t pc me about it if u pc me anything about this post il throw a rock at u… i voted im nnot going to change so ya.

  41. i vote capncook

  42. I vote Lillie!

  43. i vote capn

  44. i vote for capn

  45. i vote capn

  46. I vote Skloop.

  47. I vote Lillie.

  48. I’m pretty sure we aren’t supposed to vote here, for one thing….. Or yet….

  49. Who shalleth I choose? I must go for Lillierose. As much as Skloop deserves it, the bill dry made (which I voted against, but still went through) leaders of major armies cannot lead, and supposedly GT and/or DW are Major? Lillie deserves it just as much as skloop. Capn… You know my reasons.

  50. If you couldn’t work out whom I voted for, it’s


  51. But in case we are, I vote for Lillie as well. Capn and pretty much anyone knows my reasons for not voting Capn…. And Skloop, while you are good at what you do, you have tons of other responsibilities with GT and CPAC and ACPTR and god knows what else.

  52. i vote for capn

  53. I vote Capncook.

    Anyways… The real reason I am here today is to resign from my position as Master General, or whatever rank I am. This is because my computer wont be back anytime soon, and I cannot get on the chat or CP on my phone. I would like to become an advisor, like Oagalthorp. I believe I am just as expierenced as Oagal in many ways. I hope you accept my position as an advisor.

  54. I vote for capncook

  55. I vote lillie cuz the whole reason capncook came back was becuz he has a shot at 3ic again!

  56. I vote for Lillierose, bcause Capn cussed on Acp chat

  57. i vote lille

  58. I vote capn. I would vote lillie but she is a terrible example to us lower ranks. She doesn’t even wear uniform!

  59. I VOTE FOR A PENGUIN. http://i776.photobucket.com/albums/yy49/erin_girl/Decorated%20images/MilitaryPenguin.jpg okay now for real I think Capn deserves the spot, because he almost got it last time, but he did sort of throw a fit when he didn’t get it. Lillie has the awesome point of THERE SHOULD BE A GIRL UNIFORM because the uniform is fugly, but she seems a little irrisponsible. I think it’s kinda funny how Skloop was pretty much left out of this since he was a contender. I really can’t decide, so I vote for A PENGUIN NAMED PICKLE. (if there are any penguins in ACP or any cp armies, i’m not talking about you)

  60. can i jst say that i put my name down for emails and i was just checking them there. there was 1 by capncook to little sayin that she shouldnt hav got promoted, tht he wasnt jealous and he said he wasnt retiring then there was another 1 dated yesterday called retirement by capncook and all it said was “im gone bye”. so, has he retired then?? coz he cant get promoted if hes retired. anyways i was jst pointin tht out 2 ya.


  61. Not that I don’t like Sklooperis but he is very busy with CPA central.

  62. I vote Skloop lolwut

  63. Capn treated Little like crap the past few days. I vote for Lillie, and you should too.

  64. Eh, on more reviewing I will specify which penguin I vote for. I vote for Lillierose.

  65. Basically, if you vote for Capn, you’ll regret it… I believe he only came back because he had a chance at 3ic.

    Vote Lillie, she is going to be dedicated at least.

  66. And Kieran, in response to “Lillie doesn’t even wear uniform”, at least she shows up to battles. 😕

  67. i vote for capn
    i would really like to see motor come back
    u are a legend bob

  68. wait so when is promos i didnt get it sorry

    They should of been today.

  69. and i am not stupid i just didnt understand tht-for ppl who thought i was stupid for my comment above^

  70. I vote for Capn, and no hard feelings bob your a great leader (unless I don’t get a promo xD)

  71. I vote for Lillie even though Im retired XP



  73. I vote Skloop

  74. wats the voting for

    3iC Elections.

  75. Lillie for 3ic!!! Girls shall kick butt again! D:<

  76. Skloop for 2ic!


  78. I vote skloop. He deserves it more than the others. (I honestly don’t think Lillie would take her power seriously)

  79. Test. Does this comment show?

  80. i totally agree with the motor20 firing thing i was on chat before a war and even though i quit acp (i never do wars btw thats why i quit) i went on chat to help you guys cause i noticed you had a war . and i think it was motor20 or some owner screaming EVERYONE GET ON CLUB PENGUIN ITS NO TIME TO MESS AROUND . And i commented back saying we come to wars to have fun (name i forgot) the war hasnt started yet so dont yell at us. Then he said he would ban everyone in the chat for arguing . but i told him to just ban me because i wouldnt want people mad at me so he banned me for like 6 hours 😦

  81. So this is when I got 2ic eh?

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