Soldier of The Month

Once again it is time to award thee most coveted award in the history of ACP, bar none, the “SOLDIER OF THE MONTH AWARD” ( insert echo here ). This award is a bit late do to so much happening lately, but as they say, better late then never. This month’s award goes to a soldier who doesn’t do chat much, but is always found on CP patrolling and recruiting and always front and center of every battle and practice. He may think no one takes notice, he would think wrong. Therefore, this months “SOLDIER OF THE MONTH AWARD” ( again, insert echo here) goes to…..BLUUIE 778!!  Congrats Colonel Bluuie!! Your award includes the opportunity to be a mod for 24 hours, as well as “Soldier of the Month ” in your name if you decide to come on chat.  When you see Colonel Bluuie on CP, tell him congratulations for a job well done.

41 Responses

  1. Moo

  2. yaay i dont get it yaay! i fail yaay!

  3. dang it ya got 1st 😮

  4. Gratz Bluuie!

  5. congratz! *grunts unhappily*

  6. 3rd i think? oh! good job bluuie! congrats!

  7. oh, i got 4th.

  8. 5th Good job Bluuie!

  9. good job bluuie!!

  10. congrats bluuie……………… 6th!!!

  11. People stole my favorite word… Moo..

  12. lol wow person

  13. Congrats bluuie 🙂

  14. Congrats 😀


    PS- LOL Per



  17. GREAT JOB!

  18. Great job 😉 ! You do very well.

  19. Can i ask for a promotion plzz?
    Im just a first luitenant

    P.S. Dude I love that costume u got even for non member.

  20. Congrats! But for future reference, the Medal of Honor is the most coveted award in the ACP…

    It was Tongue in cheek…..I think everyone got that

  21. My blender exploded 😮

  22. CONGRATS BLUUIE!!!!!!!

    Oh and P.S. this is to people who promote peopless.. i dont have a computer so i wont be as active but i do go to the library just for the heads up!

  23. Good job Bluuie

  24. Congratulations kid, way to go.

  25. grats bluuie

  26. ConGrats ….>Moo< Lol 😀

  27. Congratz bluuie even tho idk u

  28. Congrats bluuie you earned it!

  29. whozzat????

  30. congratz bluuie!

  31. Congrats Buulie

  32. congratz

  33. i’ve never heard of u……but congt=ratz! 😆

  34. hey my army is having a alliance thing and we would like acp to be in our alliance please comment on the site


  36. Dryvit, you can certainly write well, but I suggest you add paragraphing/spacing to your posts. That way you could see stuff more clearly ; its rather confusing without any paragraphing…
    Nice post though. =]

    Also, congratulations Colonel Bluuie.


  37. Hey could i join? It sounds amazin to be in a army like that! Idont have much experince but i have been reading much about them and how they process. Please let me join!

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