LCXII Round One: Battle of the Brothers

KLONDIKE, “Legends Cup XII Round One” – Today we’ve sent a message to the community that should’ve been acknowledged long ago. Although they’ve all been warned, there has been several people out there that have underestimated us. After todays results, I know our next opponents will be on their flippers trying whatever they can do to stand up to us. News flash everybody, we’ve come prepared too. After successfully reaching a size of 40 penguins, we (the underdogs) proved everyone’s prediction wrong.

Community Predictions

The Results

Size: 40

NOTE: the circled troop hasnt enrolled !army acp

I would like to congratulate our ally brothers Help Force for their effort in bringing strong forces to the battlefield and coming in prepared. I also would like to thank the staff team for their incredible work this past weekend, and the veterans who decided to show their support today. This is just the beginning of the green wave, see yous around during our next victory on the battlefield!

If you participated in this battle, comment below your thoughts of how it went!


ACP General

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  3. Glad we were able to show the CPA the true power of ACP! 💪

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