Harshness and Hypocrisy; ACP’s Withdrawal From the CP Army HQ

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin and the CP Army HQ

As of late, CPAHQ released an announcement stating that the Army of CP had a case of indeliberate multilogging – which was done by a troop that is new to the army. The announcement also stated that although the person in question was not “commanded by a superior” to multilog, there would still be a 5 point deduction (which, in the current state of the community, is very significant).

This 5 point deduction was given to ACP even AFTER we took multiple steps to prevent it and penalize the troop in question by demoting them. Furthermore, we stepped forward and offered to invalidate our whole event due to the mishap that took place once we were aware of it. Regardless of this, CPAHQ decided to still send an extremely harsh deduction our way. This is by far a very unfair and hypocritical punishment.

So, in our defense:

Historically, people have been penalized following a multilogging scandal in order to deter cheating and it is a punishment given to those who knowingly multilog in order to gain the upper hand. Armies whose Higher Command and leadership multilog have been given similar Top Ten deductions, whereas, we are being unjustly and unfairly punished to the same standards as those that intentionally multilogged in the past, for something we had no control over and acted against.

In addition, the deduction is insanely hypocritical, considering that when the Silver Empire multi-logged and were fully aware of their actions and were using it to illegally provide an advantage to an army. (Do note, DF44 was a judge meaning he 100% was aware that it was prohibited to do so). However, they did NOT get a 5 point deduction even though they took no steps to prevent, penalize or invalidate events – and a leader even orchestrated the mutlilogging themselves! Did CPAHQ just not take any action because they needed DF44 and Amber in their judging team?

In light of these two points, we believe that this could have been resolved without a harsh deduction as we have too actively taken steps to prevent it. Whilst SE had a leader actively condoning multilogging and encouraging it had no deduction at all, we get a significant deduction for unknowingly having a member multilog, and then attempting to rectify.

This isn’t only extremely unfair, but it also sets a dangerous precedent that others could log onto alts and sabotage another army’s TT score. DMT says that he would know if something like this were to happen, but how would he know? This is literally this troop’s first event he didn’t know it was wrong. With no way of properly verifying that the new troop in question is not an alt of another army, anyone could multilog and get “caught” on a new Discord account and easily get armies penalized. (they were not an alt in this case, but it shows that it doesn’t matter if they were),

In conclusion, ACP has been the only army to solely support HQ and not join any competitive organizations, such as CPAN. We have always taken the stance that multilogging is wrong and this is why, before any deductions were announced, I confronted the troop, telling them not to do it again and even went as far as demoting them back to private. We completely take responsibility and believe that multilogging is wrong, and deserves consequences. For example, removing the penguins from the count, not counting the entire event to the week’s TT calculations. However, we sustain that a 5 point deduction is far too harsh for something we had absolutely no control over, and the hypocrisy between our situation and SE’s where their leaders literally advocated for multilogging demonstrates that CPAHQ will deduct when it benefits them to send a message, and protect those that they value.


Jesus, ACP Commander-in-Chief

Roxy, ACP General

Faith, ACP General

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  1. Oof. I’m so sorry that this happened.

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