Clash of the Trainers: The Summary

Credit to Haley for many of the graphics used this week

These past 5 days, we saw two teams of trainers battle it out for the honor of being known as the best team in ACP— But some trainers may be wondering who won? Read through for a summary of each gym battle and the eventual victors.

Fighting Gym: Battle of the Divisions
Valor [Victor]

Flying Gym: Jet Pack Joyride
Mystic – 595 points
Valor – 1371 points [Victor]

Ghost Gym: Hide and Seek
Valor [Victor]

Ice Gym: Ice Fishing
Mystic – 4,285 [Victor]
Valor – 2,392

Psychic Gym: Family Feud
Mystic – 1 round
Valor – 2 rounds [Victor]

Normal Gym: Kahoot
Valor [Victor]

Electric Gym: Lightning Speed Race
Valor [Victor]


To conclude the first official ACP Battle of the Trainers … The winners were Team Valor!

Team Valor won 6/7 of the gym battles that occurred, thus earning the title of Master Trainers in ACP.
Thank you to all the trainers who participated in this themed battle week.


ACP Lieutenant General

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