[MAY 2021] Troop of the Month!

Здраво ACP!

Concluding the month of May,  we enter June with a new Troop of the Month.

May has been a hectic month – entering our first war in the post-Flash era, where we stood up for the name of the Army of Club Penguin against the Doritos. We would not have been able to win with a final score of 5-0 without the diligent efforts of our newest troops – and one in particular stood out.

What qualifies for TOTM?

– Activity in ACP chat
– Activity in attending events
– Involved in the ACP community
– Has taken initiative in certain areas


This month, Jesus has been voted TOTM, for his arduous work in the ACP Recruiting Force, becoming ROTW for multiple weeks, and breaking the Recruiting Force weekly recruiting record. Not just that, he’s been an extremely active face in our chat, taking initiative in welcoming new troops and ensuring they know what we do. Congratulations, Jesus!

Interview with Jesus1_4

Hey Jesus, can you quickly introduce yourself to the troops of ACP?

Hello so I’am Jesus, or known as smokin on that heat pack

How did you find out about the ACP? How long have you been here?

So I found out about ACP about 1 month ago, kailey asked me if I would like to join ACP, I told her sure at first I didn’t understand the server and I never knew what club penguin was before kailey told me about it

Why did you pick the name Jesus?

Why did I pick the name Jesus because it’s my real life name

I’m sure everyone is dying to know – what heat pack are you actually smoking?

So my nickname smokin on that heat pack is a reference to The NBA team Miami Heat, they were eliminated off the nba playoffs last week .

Why do you think you were voted Troop of the Month?

Why do I think I was voted troop of the month, I think I was voted troop of the month for working hard, attending events and recruiting people.

Have you checked out the Clover SMP yet? What do you think about it?

I unfortunately haven’t checked out the clover smp , I don’t have Java but soon I will

What are your hobbies and what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time I play organized basketball and football, when I’m home I usually play games like Minecraft, 2k and madden

What’s your favorite event so far in the ACP? Why?

My favorite event was the Doritos war events it gave me my first medal

If there was one thing you could change or do about the world – what would it be?

If I could change anything about the world it would be no animal cruelty I think abusing animals and treating them like they are replaceable is wrong and they should be treated like if they were another person.

Any secret tips to recruiting?

I have a few tips for recruiting, be yourself be kind and welcome the person to the server they will feel like they are a part of the server.

Final words to the members of ACP?

My last words for acp are be kind, stay safe and ACP FOREVER!


Congratulations once more to Jesus, and I hope you break many more records to come with ACP!


ACP Leader

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  1. Congrats!

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