Why We Care About The Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

In recent days, there seems to be a growing narrative, that began in the Doritos, that compares ongoing Club Penguin warfare to the violent bombing and eradication of Palestinians, comparing ACP to the IDF (Israeli Defense Force). The Army of Club Penguin strongly sends our utmost condolences towards those that are directly, or have family involved and affected by the conflict. It is our firm belief that CPA wars are under no scenario comparable to the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is why we care about the ongoing conflict.

My name is Robot, and I am Palestinian. I know that there are always 2 sides to every war, and I urge everyone interested to research more about this on their own time. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is Israel’s military and the Palestinians have been in war for the past 7 decades. The Palestine-Israel conflict is rather long though, and I’ve linked some resources at the end for those interested in learning more. What I do want to delve into is the modern day conflict, which started with the Zionists attempting to seize the Sheikh Jarrah Neighborhood, this began way back in 2001 with planned and calculated evictions from the Israeli government until present day. What makes this area especially important is the fact that it’s in such a central and vital location within the “Palestinian-Controlled” East Jerusalem (which in reality isn’t controlled by Palestinians). This area basically holds the key to the city and the key to Israelis officially seizing the whole of the holy city of Jerusalem. This decision sparked expected conflict between the Palestinians of Jerusalem and Zionist settlers who attempted to move into these peoples’ houses. The IDF also chucked different sorts of bombs into civilian-filled holy Al-Aqsa mosque which is considered the 3rd holiest mosque in Islam. This was met by resistance from Gaza-based group Hamas which fired rockets in an attempt to divert attention away from Al-Aqsa and to relieve stress of their people over there. This did indeed work and the conflict in Jerusalem did calm down but in exchange for that, the IDF has been bombing Gaza from the land, air, and sea for the past week which has caused the death of around 250 people and the homelessness of 40,000 others in one week, not to mention the physical injuries and emotional trauma this causes many. This has been the ongoing issue with Israel focusing their attacks during the late hours of the night/dawn to incite fear in the fearless Palestinians. This conflict hits home because multiple ACP members from both sides of the war are affected by it, it’s not a joke. However, the enemy have thought that it’s funny to compare ACP and Club Penguin conflict to real life conflict where people are losing their homes, their lives, and their families. Whatever side you’re on, people are losing lives and going homeless because of this, that’s not comparable to any CP conflict.

The ACP Higher Command heavily condemns this ignorant approach and reiterates the importance of separating real-life conflict from Club Penguin warfare. We also urge the other side to educate themselves about this conflict using following resources:




ACP Field Marshal

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  1. SaveSheikhJarrah

  2. Beautiful message, Robot!

  3. Great words, Rob ❤

  4. Free Palenstine

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