[AUSIA] Operation: AUSIA Ambition – Results!

Hello ACP!

As the new week begins, we continue to rise from last week. Today our AUSIA division managed to get some training done in order to prepare for the March Madness tournament coming up. Huge thanks to our Commander-in-Chief CSY for preparing us in todays event, sharing his AUSIA pride! Taking place on ACP’s battle ground Ascent, 36 troops arrived to show they’re ready for this fun upcoming week!

Max: 36

36 users in same room

Good job Ausia divison! Lets continue the grind and bring home that trophy this month! If you’re looking to attend a future event like this one be sure to check out #events!

Alrighty, you know the deal, comment down below if you attended this wonderful event!



6 Responses

  1. I came!!

  2. I came! Great event AUSIA!

  3. I came!

  4. i was there

  5. I came but had to go afk ;(

  6. yes

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