[JAN 2021] Troop of the Month!

Hey ACP!

We enter 2021 and the post-flash era, with many changes to the army – from adjusting to HTML, to our Alpha vs Echo: The Revenge war, to revamping the Shamrock Bulletin, to many changes within the staff ranks as part of the new year. As we bid farewell to the first month of 2021, we also celebrate the achievements of a certain member that has earned this title, in more ways than one:


What qualifies for TOTM?

– Activity in ACP chat
– Activity in attending events
– Involved in the ACP community
– Has taken initiative in certain areas

This month, Frog has been chosen for the title of the Troop of the Month for his exemplary work in many aspects of the army – showing great activity in terms of chat and attendance, becoming the first member to achieve the rank of ACPTR instructor, as well as becoming a reporter at ACP’s very own news site, the Shamrock Bulletin. Frog’s enthusiasm for all aspects of the army is truly refreshing, making him very deserving of the title of TOTM.

Interview with Frog

Hi Frog, can you quickly introduce yourself to the troops of ACP?

Sure! Hey everyone! I’m Frog, my current rank is Colonel and I also have responsibilities within ACP as a Shamrock Bulletin reporter and a new ACPTR Instructor for the February 2021 course! Oh, and if I’m ever in vc with you, you’ll realise I’m a member of the formidable Brit Gang 🤣

How did you find out about the ACP? How long have you been here? Any previous experience with armies?
So I don’t think I’ve ever really discussed my recruitment process to ACP with anyone before, so this is a Shamrock Bulletin EXCLUSIVE RIGHT HERE. Unfortunately, I managed to accidentally delete my DM with the person who recruited me without screenshotting it. Don’t worry though, I am still working on trying to find out who it was. I joined on the 19th July 2020, meaning that I’ve now been here for just over 6 months! Before July, I had no prior experience with any armies. I hadn’t even heard of them before I joined but I am very happy that I did.

Why do you think you were voted Troop of the Month?
I would say that December and January have been some of my most active months. The advice that I’ve been given from lots of people is that if there is an opportunity for something, take it. I believe I particularly showcased that in December, going from an ACPTR A+ Graduate to an Officer to an Instructor, all within the span of a month! And in January, I took up the option to become a Shamrock Reporter and have tried to get through as many posts as I can. That, I should mention, is another key bit of advice I have been given: consistency is key.

What tips do you have for beginners trying to nail the strict formatting guidelines of a Shamrock Bulletin reporter? (totally not for myself…)
Haha well this is a good question. One of the key things that I have used to make sure formatting is correct is to look at posts of a similar nature and see how they are formatted. Those who edit posts always make sure that posts don’t go out until they are formatted correctly so you can use them like templates to double check your formatting once you’re done. I also note down my key feedback from editors after each post to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again and always check over posts before I submit them for editing to double check everything is satisfactory for Editor Max to comb through it 🤣

What’s your favorite battle – and why?
I checked through my event attendance list I have (I love a good bit of organisation) and, so far, I have attended 15 battles, 4 practice battles and 8 branch battles. Of them all, I would have to choose the Aces of AUSIA final on December 20th 2020. The amount of troops, on both sides, to the setting of the festive rooms on CPArmies made it an amazing event to attend, especially considering the fact that the tournament was organised by ACP: that was something to be proud of.

What inspired you to start putting the ACP logo on event pictures?
Ooh this one has a long explanation. So, ever since I’ve joined ACP, I have been obsessed with making event pictures look perfect and super professional. Knowing that these pictures are used for event posts and articles on CP Army news sites, I want them to represent us as an army well. This process included perfect borders (10 pixels in case anyone was wondering 🤣). To achieve this, I had event pictures templates in paint.NET for each of the CPPSs we used (Club Penguin Rewritten regularly changed the size of the game window though, so I had to change it often). Knowing that I was going to be using these templates anyway, it was no extra effort to add on a logo to the corner so I thought I’d go ahead and do it! After receiving mixed feedback on the addition of the logo from moderators, I eventually retired the idea at the end of October and redid the templates. I have to say, the news that HTML5 allowed you to take screenshots of the game within the client made me very happy 🤣

Heard you were a MC fan too – what’s a Hypixel minigame I should check out and why?
I am indeed a fan of Minecraft; I’ve played since August of 2014 and, although the types of games I play have changed, I continue to enjoy the game now. If I was to pick one Hypixel game for you to check out, I reckon I’d pick… probably party games. It is made up of 8 randomly generated minigames and I’ve always loved the variety. I was such a fan of the game at one point that I made a custom texture pack to change the looks of some of the items: I added a pig face to the fishing rod that is used to grab pigs, changed the snowballs that you have to avoid in one round to spikes and changed the eggs that you use to paint in one minigame to paint splats!

How does it feel to be the first member-ranked ACPTR Instructor? Any chance of this changing soon? 😮
I have to say, this is one of my achievements that I am most proud of. I’ve loved the concept of the Training Regiment ever since my course in October. I loved the community of my fellow cadets and thought that the course was delivered in an engaging way that included all the right information. I am so grateful to be working with the three people that, I would confidently say, have supported me most in ACP: Max, Daniel and Chicken. I am super excited to deliver the same experience of teaching to the new cadets in our February course!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in ACP so far?
Ooh! The craziest thing I’ve done yet? I would probably say my 4am attendance at the invasion defence of Avalanche in the SWAT war, just after Christmas. Me and Chicken both decided that we would attend the event despite the fact that it was super early in the morning. I remember that it was actually quite fun, especially having Zelly vc leading: she’s always there to bring some extra fun into a serious battle! I would definitely recommend a 4am event to fellow troops! 🤣

Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to the troops of the ACP?
Knowing that I have read previous Troop of The Month posts in the past, intrigued as to how I can rank up within ACP, I would happily give some advice to troops who have desires to rank up! Firstly, I would say take any opportunity that you get, reach out for advice from moderators or HCOM, and be consistent. Finally, I’d once again like to thank Max, Daniel and Chicken for the support they have given me with all the questions I have (the amount of questions I have never goes down). Without them, it is unlikely I would still be in ACP today.

That’s it for this month’s TOTM! Join us next month for a special, 28-day edition of TOTM – coming to you only once a year.


ACP Leader


3 Responses


    I am SO over the moon you are being celebrated with January’s Troop of the Month – you have been a fantastic worker and really come into your own over the past several months! I am very proud of you and excited to continue watching your ACP journey!

  2. YAYYY FROG CONGRATS ON TOTM! You deserve it so much! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in the future 😀

  3. Super proud of you fam. ❤

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