One Year in the Life of an ACP Soldier

BLIZZARD, Shamrock Bulletin Headquarters – Army of CP Captain Powerprimate celebrates her one year anniversary in the army with a special account of her time here.

On January 30, 2020, I took a leap of faith that I never expected to take and it was to get a friend of mine to be quiet; I decided to join the Army of Club Penguin. I was introduced to this penguin group by an old ACP mod and good friend of mine named Zander, who first approached me in October 2019 to join and kept telling me to join every time I was on Club Penguin Rewritten until I finally did so one year ago. Believe it or not, I was originally hesitant to join the group, then I decided that I would join, but much later because of college until the former mod insisted that I join sooner rather than later.

Like most recruits, I was confused as to what the Army of Club Penguin was and what the group did. I did not understand what events and tactics were and I was extremely confused by a dress code that the group seemed to have when events were done.

As time went on, I caught on, mostly by myself and understood what it was that I needed to do in the group. I was also really hesitant in talking with anyone in the group because the group chat had thousands of people, which is something that I was never a part of prior to. Similar to the events, with time, I slowly came out of my shell and began talking to everyone; this is something that I am still working on to this day.

At the time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first joined the Army of Club Penguin or even like being a part of  the group at all. Reflecting on it now, I am glad to say that joining the Army of Club Penguin was one of the best decisions I could have ever made.

Until I joined, I had no idea how much fun I could have in a large group designed for a penguin game that was intended for children. I also did not know that out of the thousands of people in the server, I would end up being well-liked by the majority of people in the server, end up becoming good friends with at least two people from the group, and end up finding someone who I would consider more than a friend, if you, the reader, know what I mean.

Finally, I was not fully aware of this before I joined, but from my time in ACP, I have apparently developed social skills that I can apply to in life outside of the group while inadvertently becoming one of the best qualified members for the staff team the entire staff of this army has ever seen. 

My journey in the Army of Club Penguin began as a recommendation from a close friend of mine and has currently ended being a major life-changer for me. With this, I would just like to say to my Green Family, thank you for welcoming me into the Army of Club Penguin, it has been one amazing ride that I will not forget anytime soon.

One year down, many more to go! Salute the green clover, fellow soldiers.


ACP Captain & Shamrock Bulletin Guest Writer

12 Responses

  1. We love you, Power! Happy one year!

  2. Happy one year!!

  3. Amazing Post and happy one year power!!! Many more years to come !!!

  4. Here’s to another great year, good post power!

  5. Congrats on the one year, power. You’ve been through with us, through ups and downs – and honestly been a model troop for the ACP

  6. I’m 2 days late, but happy 1 year power! Very well written post, can’t wait to see what awaits you in your ACP journey!

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